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Page Title: Torque Converter Housing, Gears, and Pump Adapters
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Figure 4-4. Charging pump, removal and installation
TM-10-3930-634-34 Truck Lift Fork; Diesel Engine Pneumatic Tired Wheels Rough Terrain 6 000 Lb. Capacity 24 Load Center Anthony Model MIT 6-2 Manual
Figure 4-7. Turbine, removal and installation
TM 10-3930-634-34
(5) Inspect gear teeth for wear that may have de-
locating ring from turbine shaft (fig. 4-7, B).
stroyed the original tooth shape. If this condition is
(6) Remove reaction member retaining ring and
found, replace the gear.
remove reaction member and spacer as shown in figure
(6) Inspect the splined parts for stripped, twisted,
chipped or burred splines. Remove burrs with a soft
stone. Replace parts if other defects are found.
If reaction member is too tight to be removed
(7) Inspect all threaded parts for burred or dam-
by hand, install puller screws in puller holes
aged threads. Chase damaged threads with correct size
provided on reaction member and jack reac-
tap or die. Replace all damaged hardware.
tion member from stator support.
(8) Inspect the retaining rings for nicks, distortion
(7) Remove three screws securing oil baffle to con-
or excessive wear. Replace the part if any of these de-
verter housing and install puller tool as shown in fig-
fects are found. The retaining rings must snap tight in
ure 4-9, A and B. Turn jack screw to jack oil baffle and
their groove for proper functioning.
impeller from stator support as an assembly. If a pul-
f. Reassembly and Installation.
ler tool is not available, remove oil baffle securing
(1) Immerse all parts in clean transmission oil
screws half way, tap lightly on each screw to loosen oil
prior to reassembly (refer to current lubrication order).
baffle from converter housing, and remove oil baffle
(2) Apply a thin coat of permatex No. 2 or equiva-
and impeller from converter housing as an assembly
lent on the other diameter of seal (20, fig. 4-10) to as-
sure an oil tight fit.
c. Disassembly.
(3) Reassemble and install the impeller and oil
(1) Disassemble the impeller and oil baffle as
baffle in reverse of disassembly and removal using
shown in figure 4-10.
new oil seals and packings and observing the following
(2) If sleeve (3, fig. 4-10) is to be replaced, remove
special instructions.
as shown in figure 4-11, A.
(a) Press seal (20) into oil baffle (22) with lip of
(3) If bearing (5, fig. 4-10) is to be replaced, re-
seal facing impeller gear (19).
move as shown in figure 4-11, B.
(b) Install spacer (15) with tang of spacer out.
(4) Disassemble turbine (10, fig. 4-10) from hub
(c) Tighten screws (23, 16, and 8) to 30 lb-ft tor-
(11) as shown in figure 4-12.
(5) Disassemble the oil baffle (22, fig. 4-10) from
(d) After tightening screws (23 and 8), bend and
the impeller and hub as shown in figure 4-13.
flatten tabs of lock tabs (24 and 9) over head of all
(6) If the oil seal (20, fig. 4-10) requires replace-
ment, replace as shown in figure 4-14.
(e) Heat sleeve (3) to 200 and press on impeller
(7) Disassemble impeller (29, fig. 4-10) from im-
cover (2).
peller hub (25) and remove bearing (28) from hub as
(f) Tighten screw-assembled-washer (1) to 25 lb
shown in figure 4-15.
ft torque.
d. Cleaning.
(1) Clean all metal parts except bearings with
cleaning solvent P-D-680 and dry thoroughly.
Torque  Converter  Housing,
(2) Clean bearings with volatile mineral spirits.
Gears, and Pump Adapters
Lubricate bearings with transmission oil, immediately
after cleaning.
a. General. The output element of the torque con-
verter assembly, which is the turbine, drives the three
Never dry bearings with compressed air.
pump drive gears and the output shaft. One of the
Never spin or rotate an unlubricated bearing.
three pump drive gears is connected to the shaft of the
e. Inspection and Repair.
charging pump to pump oil from the transmission
(1) Inspect bearings, balls, and cages for wear,
sump to the oil filter. Two pump adapters covers are
chipping, or nicks. Replace if these defects are found.
mounted at the rear of the converter housing to seal
( 2 ) Inspect bearing housings and shafts for
the two unused pump mounting holes. The output
grooved, burred or galled condition that indicates the
shaft of the torque converter assembly is connected to
bearing has been turning in its housing or on its shaft.
the transmission by the drive shaft.
If the damage cannot be repaired with crocus cloth, re-
b. Removal.
place the defective part.
(1) Remove the torque converter assembly from
(3) Discard all preformed packings and oil seals re-
the fork lift truck (para 2-7).
moved during disassembly.
(2) Clean exterior of torque converter housing
(4) Inspect gears for scuffed, nicked, burred or
thoroughly using cleaning solvent P-D-680.
broken teeth. If the defect cannot be removed with a
(3) Remove charging pump from torque converter
soft stone, replace the gear.
assembly (para 4-3).

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