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Page Title: Service Brake Wheel Cylinder.
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Figure 4-22. Service brake shoes, installed view.
TM-10-3930-631-12 Truck Lift Fork EMD Solid Rubber Tired Wheels 4 000 Lbs Capacity 144 and 180 In Lift Army Model MHE 227 Manual
Figure 4-24. Drive wheel, exploded view.
TM 10-3930-631-12
(1)  Refer to figure 4-23 and assemble
4-35. Service Brake Wheel Cylinder.
adjuster assembly as follows:
a.  Inspection.  Refer to paragraph 4-37 and
(a) Install slide assemblies (1) with nylon
remove front drive wheel. Inspect wheel cylinder (fig. 4-
washers (2) between slides.
22) for leaks, damage and proper link movement.
(b) Secure slides with screws (5), nuts (6)
Replace wheel cylinder if necessary.
and washers (3-and 4). Tighten only finger tight.
b. Removal.
(c) Move slides along slot until center-to-
(1)  Refer to paragraph 4-34 and remove
center distance of holes in ends of slides in 5 1/4 inches.
brake shoes.
(d) Tighten screws (5) to a torque of 14 to 16
(2) Refer to figure 4-20 and remove wheel
cylinder as follows:
(e) Hold screws in position and tighten nuts
(a) Disconnect hydraulic brake line from
(6) to a torque of 29 pound-inches.
fitting in wheel cylinder.
(f) Check slip resistance of slide assemblies.
(b) Remove two screws and lock washers
Resistance must be 250 to 300 pounds.
securing cylinder to backing plate and remove wheel
(2)  Refer to figure 4-22 and install brake
shoes as follows:
c. Installation.
(a) Install wheel cylinder links on bottom of
(1)  Refer to figure 4-20 and install wheel
brake shoes and secure links with pins.
cylinder on brake backing plate as follows:
(b) Install adjuster assembly on brake shoes
(a) Install wheel cylinder on backing plate
and secure to brake shoes with spring pins.
and secure with two screws and lock washers.
(c) Install brake shoes on backing plate, with
(b) Connect brake line to fitting in wheel
links installed in ends of wheel cylinder. Hold shoes in
position with three return springs.
(2)  Refer to paragraph 4-34 and install
(3)  Refer to figure 4-21 and install dust
service brake shoes.
shield and secure with four screws and lock washers.
(3)  Refer to paragraph 4-33 and bleed
(4) Refer to paragraph 4-37 and install front
brake system hydraulic lines.
drive wheels.
Section X. WHEELS
adjusted as described in paragraph 4-37.
4-36. General
4-37. Wheels and Tires
a. The front drive wheels are mounted on spindles
attached to the axles.  Jackshafts, with pinion gears,
a. General. The front or drive wheel assemblies
extend through the brake assemblies and mesh with the
consist of the wheel and brake drum, tire, wheel
ring or bull gears in the wheels. Rotation of the pinions
bearings, and a ring or bull gear. The rear or steering
cause the ring gears to rotate around the spindles,
wheel assemblies consist of the wheel, tire and wheel
driving the truck.
b. The rear steering wheels (fig. 4-26) mount on
b. Front Wheel Removal.
spindles attached to the steering axle.  Action of the
(1)  Raise the front of the truck until the
steering cylinder and drag link moves the pivot arm
wheel clears the floor. Tilt mast to full backward position.
assembly.  Tie rods, extending to the spindles, are
Place a wooden block under the mast assembly and tilt
connected to the pivot arm. As the pivot arm moves, the
mast forward to vertical position. Movement of mast will
tie rods move the spindles, turning the wheels in the
elevate drive wheel clear of the floor.
direction of travel desired.
(2) Refer to figure 4-24 and remove front
c. Both pairs of wheels are mounted on tapered
drive wheel as follows:
roller bearings.  The bearings must be greased and

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