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Page Title: Service Brakes
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TM 10-3930-222-20
on the slot of the inching spool and hold
(3) Remove the relay lever assembly (16)
the spool steady. Loosen the linkage ball
from the cross-shaft and then remove the
joint nut and turn the ball joint on the
key (25) from the cross-shaft.
inching link until spool is within 0.010 to
(4) Slide the brake pedal assembly (22) from
0.030 inch of being all the way in the
the cross-shaft.
transmission control valve.
(5) Press the sleeve bearings (19) from the
(5) Loosen the nut (11, fig. 72) and adjust the
brake pedal assembly.
capscrew (10) on the relay lever assembly
(6) Unscrew the setscrew (23) and remove
(16) for a clearance of one-fourth inch
the pedal shaft collar (24) from the cross-
between the capscrew and brake pedal
assembly (22).
(7) Remove the left-hand bracket (31) from
(6) Recheck the adjustment after the truck
the cross-shaft.
has been run and the brakes have been
(8) Unscrew  the  capscrew  (37)  and
applied in both directions.
For best
lockwasher (35) and remove the inching
operation the brakes should be kept
lever (33) from the bracket.
adjusted at all times.
(9) Remove the nut (39),lockwasher (41), and
bolt (44) that secure angle plate (42) to
64. Service Brakes
the inching lever (33) and remove plate.
(10) Unscrew the setscrew (30) and remove
a. Removal.
the pedal shaft collar (29) from the cross-
(1) Release the handbrake.
(2) Remove the wheel hub and drum (par.
(11) Unscrew the setscrew (36) and remove
the inching pedal assembly (28) from the
(3) Unhook and remove two return springs
(fig. 75).
(12) Remove the key (27) from cross-shaft.
(4) Remove three spring clips that secure the
(13) Press the sleeve bearings (32 and 13)
brakeshoes to the holddown by rotating
from the brackets (31 and 12).
holddown pin one-quarter turn.
(14) Remove the pins (17 and 20) from the
(5) Remove three holddown pins.
brake pedal assembly (22) and the relay
(6) Remove the clips that secure the rear
lever assembly (16).
brakeshoe to the handbrake lever cable.
(15) Remove the ball joints (43 and 48) from
(7) Slip the handbrake cable end from the
the inching link (46).
slot in the secondary shoe toggle lever.
(16) Remove the nuts (45 and 47) from the
(8) Spread the brakeshoes from the cylinder
inching link.
push rods.
(9) Unhook the adjusting assembly, retracting
c. Assembly. Reverse procedures in b above.
the spring and separate brakeshoes.
(10) Remove the brakeshoes.
d. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above.
(11) Remove the anchor pins from the spider
e. Adjustment.
Adjust the brake and inching
(12) Remove the handbrake link.
controls as follows:
(13) Remove the handbrake lever.
(1) Adjust the service brakes (par. 64).
(2) Adjust the master cylinder push rod (fig.
b. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above.
73) so that the master cylinder piston fully
retracts with the brake pedal up.
c. Adjustment.
(3) Adjust the push rod until brake pedal has
(1) Release the handbrake.
1/2-inch free travel before the push rod
contacts the master cylinder piston.
(4) With the inching pedal up, adjust the
inching spool. Place the special wrench

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