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Figure 3-11. Blower drive support, disassembly and reassembly
TM-10-3930-243-34 Truck Lift Fork Diesel Engine Pneumatic Tired Wheels Rough Terrain 10 000 lb. Capacity 24 Inch Load Center Manual
Adjust Maximum No-Load Engine Speed.
3-7. Limiting Speed Mechanical Governor
(3) Inspect the control lever link (37) needle
bearing (30) and control link lever pin (44) for
a. General. The limiting speed mechanical
wear. If a new control link lever pin is required
governor is mounted between the flywheel housing
remove the old pin and press the new pin in the
and the engine blower assembly. One end of the
governor housing; the new pin must project 1.055
governor weight shaft is splined to a drive plate
inch to 1.060 inch above the boss in the housing.
attached to the driven blower timing gear to
(4) Inspect the weight carrier, weights and
provide a means of driving the governor. The other
pins for excessive wear.
end of the shaft is supported by a bearing in the
(5) Inspect the governor springs, spring seat,
blower drive support. The governor controls the
spring cap, plunger, spring retainer, adjusting
engine  idle speed and  limits the maximum
screws for excessive wear.
operating speed of the engine. The governor
(6) Inspect the serrations on the governor
consists of four basic subassemblies: a cover and
weight shaft and drive plate on the blower timing
lever assembly; governor housing; spring housing;
gear for wear. Replace worn or damaged parts.
and a weight and shaft assembly.
e. Reassembly. Refer to figure 3-13 and
b. Removal. Since the governor is mounted
reassemble the governor assembly. Reassembly is
between the blower and the flywheel housing (fig.
the reverse order of disassembly.
3-12) the blower and blower drive support
assemblies must also be removed.
Do not use impact tools to install needle
(1) Remove the blower drive support (para 3-
bearings and do not break housing.
(2) Remove the engine blower assembly (para
The low speed weights are identified by the long cam
(3) Remove the governor weight shaft (fig. 3-
arm, on the opposite side of the weight carrier. The
11) and carrier from the blower drive support,
high speed weights are identified by the short cam
using pry bars if necessary.
(4) Remove the six attaching bolts and lock
The minimum clearance between the blower drive
washers and detach the governor housing from the
gear and governor weights must not be less than
blower rear end plate. Remove the gasket.
0.100 inch.
c. Disassembly. Refer to figure 3-13 and
f. Installation. Installation is the reverse
disassemble the limiting speed governor in
procedure of removal. Refer to paragraph 3-7 b.
numerical sequence as follows:
g. Adjust Governor Gap. With the engine at
(1) Disassemble governor cover (1 thru 22, fig.
normal operating temperature, set the governor gap
as follows:
(2) Remove two bolts (1, fig. 3-14) and washer
(1) With engine stopped, remove the two bolts
(2) and remove the spring housing (3) from
and with draw the governor high speed spring
governor housing (61, fig. 3-13).
retaining housing (3, fig. 3-14).
(3) Remove the spring retainer lock nut (5, fig.
(2) Back out the buffer screw (43, fig. 3-13)
3-14) and remove spring (7) and the spring retainer
extends 9/16 to 5/8 inch from the surface of the
governor housing.
(4) Remove the low speed spring cap (6),
spring ( 7 ) and spring seat ( 8 ) from spring plunger
Do not back the buffer screw out
beyond the limits given or the control
(5) Depress the high speed spring (11) by
link lever may disengage the dif-
hand and remove the idle speed adjusting screw
ferential lever.
lock nut (9). The spring retainer (13 ) and high
(3) Start the engine and loosen idle speed
speed spring (and shims) may be removed.
adjusting screw lock nut (9, fig. 3-14). Adjust the
Remove the idle speed adjust screw (10) from the
idle speed screw ( 10) to obtain the desired engine
spring plunger (12).
idle speed.
(6) Disassemble the governor housing (23 thru
(4) Stop the engine and remove the governor
cover and the engine valve rocker covers. Discard
(7) Disassemble the governor weights (52 thru
the gaskets.
(5) Start and run engine, between 800 and
d. Inspection.
1,000 rpm, by manual operation of the differential
(1) Inspect all bearings for corrosion and
level (26, fig. 3-13).
(2) Inspect the riser thrust bearing (52, fig. 3-

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