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Figure 3-7. Air inlet housing, disassembly and reassembly
TM-10-3930-243-34 Truck Lift Fork Diesel Engine Pneumatic Tired Wheels Rough Terrain 10 000 lb. Capacity 24 Inch Load Center Manual
Engine Blower Assembly - continued
( 3 ) Check for oil leaks,
3-5. Engine Blower Assembly
(4) Check for loose or worn shaft  bearings,
a. G e n e r a l . The blower assembly supplies fresh
air required for combustion and scavenging. The
revolving motion of the rotor provides a continuous
and uniform displacement of air.
Loose rotor shafts or worn rotor shaft bearings will
result in contact between rotor lobes, rotor and end
b. Removal.
plates or rotor and housing. Excessive backlash be-
tween blower timing gears usually results in rotor
The blower and governor are bolted together and
lobes rubbing together throughout their entire length.
must be removed as an assembly (fig. 3-8).
e. Reassembly. Refer to figure 3-10 and
(1) Remove the air inlet housing (fig. 3-6).
reassemble the blower assembly as follows:
( 2 ) Disconnect the linkage from the governor
(1) Lubricate the oil seals (27) with clean
control levers.
e n g i n e oil and place a seal in each front end plate
(3) Remove the screws and lock washers which
(26) counterbore.
a t t a c h the governor cover to the governor housing.
(2) Place the front end plate on two wood
Remove the cover and gasket from the housing.
b l o c k s . Install the rotors, gear end up, on the end
( 4 ) Remove two bolts and lock washers which
hold the spring housing (3, fig. 3-14) to the
( 3 ) Install two oil seals (34) in the rear end
governor housing. Remove spring housing and
plate (33) as outlined in step 1.
(4) Place the rear end plate over the rotor
(5) Remove spring assembly from the
shafts. Be sure that seals are properly positioned on
rotors. Secure end plates to blower housing with
(6) Loosen the hose clamps and slide the hoses
bolts (l).
b a c k on the fuel rod covers.
(7) Remove the rocker arm cover from each
To prevent inadequate lubrication or low oil pressure,
cylinder head.
care must be exercised in assembly of front and rear
(8) Disconnect the lower fuel rod from each
blower end plates to blower housing. The rear end
injector control tube lever and also from each upper
plate does not have tapped holes for the thrust washer
fuel rod.
plate bolts and is the only cover that has the vertical
oil passage drilled through into the pocket on left side
( 9 ) Remove the threaded pins connecting the
of end plate for supplying lubrication to the blower
fuel rods to the control link lever. Remove the
drive gear bearing.
upper fuel rods.
(10) Remove the blower drive cover plate.
(5) Attach two thrust washers (24) to front
Remove the snap ring and withdraw the blower
end of the blower with thrust washer retaining bolts
drive shaft from the housing (fig. 3-9).
(23). Refer to paragraph 1-4 r for proper torque.
(11) Remove the two bolts and copper washers
( 6 ) Attach three spacers (25) and thrust plate
h o l d i n g the blower drive support assembly. Then,
(22) to the front end of blower with three t h r u s t
w i t h d r a w the assembly until the splined end of the
plate bolts (21). Tighten the bolts to 7-9 foot-
d r i v e shaft is free from the drive plate. Turn the
p o u n d s torque . Check the clearance between thrust
d r i v e assembly slightly so the serrated end of the
plate and thrust washer. Refer to table 1-1.
governor weight shaft will pass around the governor
(7) Position the rotors so that the missing
operating fork. Remove the blower drive support
s e r r a t i o n s on the gear end of rotor shafts are 90
from the engine.
apart. This is accomplished by placing the rotors
c . D i s a s s e m b l y . Refer to figure 3-10 and
w i t h missing serration in the upper rotor facing to
disassemble the blower assembly as follows:
the left, and missing serration in the lower rotor
(1) Wedge a clean cloth between the blower
facing the bottom. Install shims (19) and spacers
rotors to prevent their turning and remove four
( 2 0 ) in counterbore in the rear face of rotor gears.
bolts (6) that hold the blower drive cam retainer (7)
P l a c e the gears on ends of the shafts with missing
a n d blower drive spring support (9) to rotor gear.
s e r r a t i o n s in alignment with missing serrations on
(2) Use two pullers to remove both blower
the shafts.
g e a r s from the rotor shaft at the same time. Mark
(8) Tap gears lightly with a soft hammer to
t h e left-hand rotor gear to facilitate identification
seat gears on the shaft. Rotate gears until the punch
at reassembly.
marks on the fate of the gears match. If punch
d. Inspection.
marks do not match, reposition gears.
(1) Inspect rotors and housing for burrs or
(9) Wedge a clean cloth between blower rotors.
scratches. If burrs or scratches exist, dress the parts
Use the blower rotor gear retaining bolts and plain
d o w n with an oil stone.
washers to press gears on the rotor shafts. Turn
(2) Inspect rotors for scoring.

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