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Page Title: Hydraulic Tank Filter
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TM 10-3930-222-20
Remove pin (2) and washers (1 and 3) that
Pull valve (6) from relief valve (4) and spring
secure tilt cylinder assembly to truck and
(5) and disconnect valves from spring.
remove cylinder from truck.
Remove spring (5) from relief valve (4).
b. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above.
(1)  Check filter assembly for broken parts and
c.  Adjustment.
The end rod must be properly
replace  defective  parts  with  new  or
adjusted to prevent binding when the cylinder rod
serviceable ones.
reaches the end of its stroke or "bottoms" Adjust as
(2)  Replace element as needed.
(1)  Loosen setscrew in rod end so that the rod
d. Assembly. Reverse procedures in b above.
can be turned.
(2)  Actuate the tilt lever control until one of the tilt
e. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above.
cylinder rods reaches the end of its stroke of
(3)  Adjust the other cylinder by turning the rod
83. Hydraulic Lift Chains
until it reaches the end of its stroke or
a. Adjustment. The lift chains must be kept in proper
(4)  The rod may be turned a little to line up the
adjustment so that the weight of the load is distributed
flat portion of the rod with the setscrew in the
equally on both chains. Adjust the chains as follows:
rod end.
(1)  Tilt the upright to its true vertical position.
(5)  Be sure the rod threads are fully engaged in
(2)  Lower the upright to its extreme lower
the rod end.
(3)  Adjust the stop nuts on the chain ends so that
82. Hydraulic Tank Filter
the length of chains are equal and the heels of
both forks are just touching the floor.
a. Removal. Refer to figs. 87 and 88 and remove
(4)  Check operation of the fork lift.
filter as follows:
(1)  Remove the floor plates.
b. Cleaning.  Wash the chains in SD and dry.
(2)  Remove the seat panel.
Lubricate according to Lubrication Order (fig. 1).
(3)  Remove the capscrews and lockwashers that
secure bracket to the valve bracket and truck
c.  Inspection. Inspect the chains for pitted or broken
frame and remove the bracket.
rollers, elongation, and defective connecting links.
(4)  Disconnect and remove the air cleaner and air
Report defects to higher authority.
cleaner breather pipe from hydraulic tank.
(5)  Disconnect hydraulic lines and vent line at
84. Load Forks
hydraulic filter manifold.
(6)  Remove capscrews that secure manifold to
a. Removal.  Refer to figure 89 and remove load
filter assembly and remove manifold and
forks as follows:
(1)  Unscrew capscrews and lockwashers that
(7)  Remove capscrews and lockwashers that
secure the keeper plate to the carriage and
secure filter assembly to tank and remove
remove plate.
filter assembly.
(2)  Slide fork pin from carriage.
(3)  Remove fork from carriage.
b. Disassembly.
(4)  Repeat procedure in (1) through (3) above to
(1)  Remove screws (9, fig. 88) that secure can
remove remaining fork.
(8) and head (1) and separate can and head.
(2)  Remove gasket (2) from head.
b. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above.
(3)  Remove spring (3) from head.
(4)  Remove element (7) from can.

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