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Page Title: Section IX. TRANSMISSION (GROUP 07)
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TM 10-3930-222-20
14) and separate rods (7 and 11) from
57. General
transmission crank assembly (27) and shifting
The transmission provides a constant mesh with two
shaft (3).
speeds forward and two speeds reverse. The forward or
Remove capscrews (fig. 69) and lockwasher
reverse speeds are manually selected and oil pressure
that secures bracket to transmission control
from the pump actuates the selected clutch pack. Part
valve and remove rods from control valve.
of the oil provided is used to actuate the forward reverse
Remove rods from truck.
clutch pack, part of it is used in the torque converter,
and part of it is used to actuate the high-low clutch pack.
b. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above.
Oil flows from the torque converter, through a check
valve, through the filter, through the cooling system, into
c.  Adjustment. Adjust the linkage when installing as
the transmission bearing cap then through the high-low
clutch pack.
(1)  Place the transmission levers in neutral.
58. Transmission Oil Filter
(2)  With the rods installed in position on the
transmission control valve, either shorten or
lengthen the rods by turning the rod ends until
a. Removal.
the rod ends can be connected to the
(1)  Disconnect inlet hose (7, fig.  67) at filter
transmission levers.
(2)  Disconnect outlet hose (1) at filter assembly.
(3)  Unscrew and remove bolts (11), flat washers
60. Transmission Control Levers
(12), lockwashers (15), and nuts (16) that
secure filter bracket (9) to engine bracket (10)
a. Removal.
and remove filter bracket with filter assembly
(1)  Refer to paragraph 59 and disconnect linkage.
from engine.
(2)  Remove spring pin (2, fig. 68) that secures
(4)  Unscrew nuts that secure engine bracket to
forward-and-reverse shift lever (1) to shifting
engine and remove engine bracket.
shaft (3) and remove lever from shaft.
(3)  Remove capscrew (3) that secures high-and-
b. Disassembly.
low shift lever (31) to crank assembly (27).
(1)  Unscrew filter bolt (25). and remove gasket
(4)  Loosen allen head screw on steering post
(24), filter cover (23), gasket (22), spring (21)
bracket.  Move bracket up so high and low
and rubber washer (20) from filter body (18).
lever can be removed from crank assembly
(2)  Remove element (19) from body.
and remove lever.
(5)  Remove capscrews (16 and 18) nuts (21 and
c.  Cleaning and Inspection.  Clean filter assembly
25) and lockwashers (20 and 24) that secure
with SD and inspect for cracks, broken mounting
bracket assembly (17) to frame and remove
bracket assembly.
bracket, stripped threads. Replace with new assembly
(6)  Remove crank assembly and shifting shaft
or element as necessary.
from the bottom of the truck.
(7)  Remove shifting shaft from crank assembly.
d. Assembly. Reverse procedures in b above.
(8)  Press bushing (26) from bracket assembly
and crank assembly if necessary.
e. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above.
b. Installation.
59. Transmission Linkage
(1)  Reverse procedures in a above.
(2)  Refer to paragraph 59 and adjust transmission
a. Removal.
linkage, if necessary.
(1)  Remove cotter pins (13 and 15, fig. 68) from
straight-headed pins (4) and rod ends (5 and

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