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Page Title: Steering Gear
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TM 10-3930-632-34
(7)  Remove the six capscrews (5) and lockwashers
valves when the hydraulic oil flows out.  Tighten the
(6) that secure the bracket (7) at the top of the cylinder to
gland nuts until a thin film of hydraulic oil is left on the
the mast. Hoist the assembled cylinder, bracket, and
piston rods. Operate the hydraulic lift cylinder until all air
adapter (4) from the mast. Remove the retaining ring (8)
is removed from the system.
that secures the bracket (7) to the top of the cylinder.
(7)  Position the assembled carriage on the ground
Remove the retaining ring (11) that secures the adapter
directly in front of the fork lift truck. Start the engine and
(4) to the base of the cylinder.
raise the mast assembly until the carriage assembly
(8)  Remove headlight (TM 10-3930-632-12).
rollers (13, fig.  2-5) clear the inner rail of the mast
(9)  Block the rear wheels of the fork lift truck so
assembly. Slide the carriage assembly under the mast
that it will not roll when the front end is jacked up. Jack
assembly and lower the mast to engage the rollers of the
up the front end of the truck and install blocks under it.
Wrap a sling around one of the cross bars of the mast
(8)  Pass the chain assemblies over the bearings on
assembly (16, fig. 2-7) and support the weight of the
the piston head and pass the anchors of the chain
mast with a hoist.
assemblies (5, fig. 2-6) through the brackets provided
(10) Disconnect the tilt cylinders from the mast (TM
on the hydraulic lift cylinder. Secure the chains with the
10-3930-632-12).  Swing the tilt cylinders clear of the
adjusting nuts (3). Turn the nut up until there is no slack
outer rail brackets and tie them back for safety.
in the chain. Turn the locknut (2) on the anchor, but
(11) Remove the four capscrews (12, fig. 2-7) and
allow it to remain loose. Insert the cotter pin (1) into the
lockwashers (13) that secure the trunnion caps (14) to
the outer rail trunnion brackets; remove the caps. Lift the
(9)  Install the headlight on the outer rail (TM 10-
mast off the fork lift truck. Lower the tilt cylinders until
they rest An the drive axle housing.
(10) Position the fork lift truck on level ground and,
b.  Installation.
with the mast vertical, lower the mast assembly
(1)  Raise the tilt cylinders and tie them back for
completely. The upper cross bar of the inner rail must
safety. Wrap a sling around the upper cross bar of the
contact both stop pads.  If not, add or remove shims
mast assembly (16, fig. 2-7) and use a hoist to lift the
under the pads as necessary. Install the safety catches.
mast assembly into position on the fork lift truck.
(11) Raise the mast assembly to full height and
Position the mast assembly on the fork lift truck; attach
lower slowly. No binding or dragging is allowable when
the trunnion caps (14) with capscrews (12) and
the mast is raised or lowered.
c.  Adjustment.
lockwashers (13).
(1)  Adjust  the  carriage  assembly  chain  as
(2)  Swing the tilt cylinders down and position the
described in TM 10-3930-632-12.
rod eye in the bracket provided on the outer rail; secure
(2)  There is no adjustment on the rollers (13, fig.
the tilt cylinder to the mast assembly (TM 10-3930-632-
2-5). Check for clearance of 1/32-inch on each side. If
clearance is greater than this, replace the rollers.
(3)  Position the adapter (4, fig. 2-7) on the base of
(3)  Check the rollers (10) for clearance of not more
the lift cylinder; secure with a retaining ring (11). Position
than 1/32-inch between the roller side and the inner rail
the bracket (7) on the top of the cylinder; secure with a
of the mast assembly on each side.  If clearance is
segment ring (10), ring retainer (9), and retaining ring (8).
greater than 1/32-inch, remove the carriage assembly
(4)  Wrap a sling around the cylinder assembly
and place shims (11) under the roller until the prescribed
under the chain brackets and raise the cylinder with a
clearance is attained.
hoist. Insert the adapter at the base into the bracket on
the mast.  Position the bracket (7) at the top of the
cylinder on the mast; secure with six capscrews (5) and
Steering Gear
lockwashers (6). Install the two capscrews (1), nuts (3),
and lockwashers (2) in the bracket to retain the adapter
Remove the instrument panel (TM 10-3930-
(5)  Position the preformed packing (fig. 4-1) on the
(2)  Remove the transmission control lever from the
inlet tube assembly; connect the tube assembly into the
steering column (para 14-2).
piston rod assembly (6) and tighten securely. Connect
(3)  Disconnect the drag link from the pitman arm of
the elbow to the tube assembly. Connect the hydraulic
the steering gear (TM 10-3930-632-12). Swing the drag
hose to the elbow.
link free of the pitman arm.
(6)  Fill the hydraulic tank with hydraulic oil. Start
(4)  Refer to figure 2-8 and remove steering gear.
the engine of the fork lift truck, open the two setscrews
(22) and raise the mast assembly. Close the bleeder

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