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Page Title: Section XII. STEERING (GROUP 14)
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TM 10-3930-222-20
73. General
the plug slot alines with the cotter pin holes; then insert
The power steering system incorporated in this truck
the cotter pin to secure adjustment.
consists of a hydraulic cylinder mounted between the
main frame and the center arm in the steering axle, a
control valve incorporated in the steering gear, and an
75. Tie Rods
engine-driven hydraulic pump.  The steering axle is
fastened to the main frame. The wheel spindles and
a. Removal. Refer to figure 82 and remove the tie
center arm are supported in the axle. The hydraulic oil
rods as follows:
is furnished from the main hydraulic tank.
(1) Remove the cotter pin (16) from tie rod
74. Drag Link Assembly
(2) Remove the castellated nut (17) that
secures the rod end to the spindle on the
a. Removal and Disassembly. Refer to figure 82
steering axle.
and remove the drag link assembly as follows:
(3) Remove the tie rod end (18) from the
(1) Remove the cotter pin (6) that secures the
end plug (1) at the steering gear end of
(4) Repeat procedures (1) through (3) above
the drag link (8).
on other end of the tie rod (21) and
(2) Using a drag link bit, unscrew and remove
remove the tie rod from the truck.
the end plug from the drag link.
(5) Repeat procedures (1) through (4) and
(3) Remove the spring bumper (2), spring (3)
remove remaining tie rod.
and section of the ball seat
(6) Loosen jamnut (20) and unscrew tie rod
(4) from the drag link end. (4) Remove the
end (18) from tie rod if necessary.
drag link from the steering pitman arm
b. Repair.
Repair tie rod by replacing parts as
(5) Remove the remaining section of the ball
seat (4) and seat (5) from the drag link.
(6) Remove the cotter pin (9) that secures the
c. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above.
end plug (14) at the steering center arm
end of the drag link.
d. Inspection.
(7) Remove a section of the ball seat (13)
and remove the drag link from the
(1) Inspect tie rods for straightness.
steering center arm ball.
(2) Inspect tie rod ends for secure and tight
(8) Remove the remaining section of ball seat
installation by jacking one wheel at a time
(13) spring bumper (12), spring (11) and
and shaking the wheel sideways.
seat (10) from the drag link.
(9) Remove the lubrication fittings (7 and 15)
e. Adjustment.  Maintain the steering wheels in
if necessary.
alignment by adjusting the tie rods as follows:
(1) Insert a 1-inch round bar through the
b. Inspection.
holes in the upper and lower axle
(1) Inspect for broken springs (3) at each end
members and through the hole in the
of the drag link.
center arm to center the steering arm.
(2) Inspect for worn ball seats.
(2) The use of the 1-inch round bar will
prevent overadjustment. Overadjustment
would result in unequal right or left hand
c. Assembly and Installation. Reverse procedures
turning radii.
in a above.
(3) Loosen jamnuts on the left and right tie
rods and turn the tie rods until the wheels
d. Adjustment.
After installing the drag link,
are parallel with the truck.
tighten the end plugs (14). Back the end plug off until

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