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Page Title: Driving
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(par. 11d) to move forward; pull back
(2) M a k e c e r t a i n t h a t t h e h y d r a u l i c c o n -
t r o l l e v e r ( p a r . 1 1c),  the  high-  and
on the direction control lever to put
l o w - s p e e d l e v e r ( p a r . 1 1e),  and  the
the truck in reverse.
d i r e c t i o n c o n t r o l l e v e r ( p a r . 1 1d)  are
(2) Push forward on the high- and low-
in neutral.
s p e e d l e v e r ( p a r . 1 1e)  to  obtain  low
(3) T u r n t h e i g n i t i o n s w i t c h ( p a r . 1 1l  to
speed and accelerate the engine.
ON position.
(3) When the truck speed is sufficient,
(4) When starting a cold engine, pull the
shift into high speed by pulling back
c h o k e c o n t r o l ( p a r . 1 1a) out. Do not
on the high- and low-speed lever.
use the choke when starting a warm
Caution: Do not reverse the truck
engine without first attempting to
when traveling in forward speed. Stop
start the engine with a normal fuel
the truck; then shift into reverse.
(5) P r e s s t h e a c c e l e r a t o r p e d a l ( p a r . 1 1i)
c. Low Truck Speed With High Engine
down about one-third the distance
Speed. When low truck speed with high engine
from its normal position.
speed is needed, either forward or reverse,
(6) P r e s s t h e s t a r t e r s w i t c h ( p a r . 1 1b);
gradually depress the inching pedal until the
release switch as soon as the engine
desired truck speed is obtained.
d. High Engine Speed With Truck Station-
(7) P u s h t h e c h o k e c o n t r o l i n t o a p o i n t
nary. If high engine speed is required with
at which the engine operates smoothly.
truck stationary and transmission in gear, de-
Push the choke control all the way in
press the inching pedal until the service brakes
as soon as the engine reaches normal
are set. Then accelerate the engine.
operating temperature.
(8) C h e c k t h e g a g e s a n d w a r n i n g l i g h t s
15. Stopping
for indication of trouble. Stop the
a. Release pressure on the accelerator pedal
engine immediately if the oil pressure
gage (par. 12b) shows no pressure, if
b. Bring the truck to a stop by depressing
t h e a m m e t e r ( p a r . 1 2a)  indicates  dis-
t h e b r a k e p e d a l ( p a r . 1 1g).
charge, or if the converter oil temper-
a t u r e w a r n i n g l i g h t ( p a r . 1 2e)  indi-
c. Set the parking brakes.
cates a high temperature in the
d. Put the high- and low-speed lever and di-
rection control lever in neutral.
(9) A l l o w t h e e n g i n e t o r u n f r o m 2 t o 5
e. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF posi-
minutes (or longer in extremely cold
tion to stop the engine.
temperatures) to allow the engine oil
f. When operations have been completed, per-
and hydraulic oil to warm and cir-
form the after-operation services listed in the
culate freely.
operator's checklist (par. 24).
Caution: Fast operation of the hy-
draulic pumps with extremely cold oil
16. Handling load
in the hydraulic system will starve the
a. Picking Up Load.
pumps, causing damage.
(1) Approach the load squarely with the
forks at the correct height and spaced
14. Driving
to divide the load evenly.
a. During-operation Services. While operat-
(2) Depress the inching pedal to control
ing the truck, perform the during-operation
the motion of the truck until the forks
services listed in the operator's checklist (par.
are completely under the load; then
stop the forward motion of the truck.
b. Forward or Reverse.
(3) Raise the forks until the forks sup-
(1) To put the truck in motion, push for-
port the load.
ward on the direction control lever

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