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Page Title: Transmission Case Disassembly
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Figure 4-32.transmission parking brake, disassembly and reassembly
TM-10-3930-634-34 Truck Lift Fork; Diesel Engine Pneumatic Tired Wheels Rough Terrain 6 000 Lb. Capacity 24 Load Center Anthony Model MIT 6-2 Manual
Low Clutch Disassembly
TM 10-3930-634-34
(12) and remove the setscrew.
locks (10) and housing sleeves (11) from the front cover
(18) Withdraw shift rail (13) using care not to lose
the detent ball and detent spring. Remove detent ball
(4) Remove pipe plug (12) from front cover (21).
(14) and detent spring (15).
(5) Remove breather assembly (13) from front
(19) Remove disconnect shaft (16), shift hub (17)
cover (21).
and shift fork (18) from disconnect housing (7).
f. Forward and Second Clutch Disassembly.
(20) Remove retaining rings (19), bearing (20),
(1) Remove piston rings (1, fig. 4-46), retaining
and oil seal (21) from the disconnect housing (7).
ring (2) and using a bearing puller remove front bear-
(21) Remove four screws (22), washers (23), and
ing (3), as shown in figure 4-47, A. Remove retaining
separate bearing cap (24) from the rear of the trans-
ring (4, fig. 4-46) from converter housing.
(2) Remove retaining ring (5), and using a gear
(22) Remove packing (25 and 26) from the bearing
puller remove gear (6), as shown in figure 4-47, B.
Bearing and spacer will be removed during this opera-
(23) Block output gear (29) and using a jack screw
tion. Remove baffle ring (7, fig. 4-46).
type gear puller push the output shaft from the rear of
(3) Remove retaining ring (11) from gear (6) and
the transmission through bearing cup (27) and cone
using an arbor press remove bearing (8) from gear (6).
(28), as shown in figure 4-43.
Remove spacer (9) from the gear.
(24) Remove output gear (29, fig. 4-42), bearing
(4) Using a bearing puller remove bearing (10)
cup (27), and bearing cone (28) from the transmission
from the clutch shaft, as shown in figure 4-47,C.
(5) Compress return spring (14, fig. 4-46) as
(25) Using an arbor press, remove bearing cup
shown in figure 4-47, D, and remove retaining ring
(30), cone (31) and spacer (32) from the output shaft
(12, fig. 4-46), spring retainer (13) and spring (14). Re-
move the return spring with retainers on the opposite
(26) Remove sleeve bushing (33) from output
end of the clutch assembly in this same manner.
shaft (34).
(6) Remove retaining ring (15), end plate (16), in-
d. Transmission Case Disassembly.
ner discs (17), and outer discs (18) from the shaft end
(1) Remove two packings (1, fig. 4-44), packing
of the clutch assembly.
(2), plug (3), magnetic drain plug (4) and two oil level
(7) Remove clutch piston (19), seal ring (20), and
plugs (5) from transmission case.
seal ring (21) from clutch drum and shaft (22).
(2) Remove screen assembly (6), gasket (7), two
(8) Remove retaining ring (15), end plate (16), in-
dowel pins (8) and two dowel pins (9) from the trans-
ner discs (17), and outer discs (18) from opposite end of
mission case assembly (10).
clutch assembly.
(9) Remove clutch piston (19), seal ring (20), and
The disassembly of the transmission case and
seal ring (21) from clutch assembly.
tubes is considered a repair function which
g. Fourth Speed Clutch Disassembly.
may be necessary after inspection. The tubes
(1) Remove bearing ball (1, fig. 4-48) from rear
and sleeves of the transmission case will not
be removed unless inspection reveals a dam-
aged or leaking part.
using a bearing puller, remove bearing (4) from the
e. Front Cover and Tubes Disassembly.
idler shaft (23), as shown in figure 4-49, A.
(3) Remove retaining ring (3, fig. 4-48) and using
The tubes and sleeves of the front cover will
a gear puller remove fourth gear (5), as shown in figure
4-49, B. Remove outer bearing assembly (6, fig. 4-48)
not be removed unless inspection reveals a
and spacer (7) from the fourth gear (5).
damaged or leaking part. The following disas-
(4) Remove inner bearing assembly (6) using a
sembly instructions are limited to those items
suitable bearing puller as shown in figure 4-49, C.
which can be readily removed. Further disas-
(5) Compress spring (10, fig. 4-48), as shown in
sembly is considered a repair function which
may be necessary after inspection.
figure 4-47, D, and remove retaining ring (8, fig.
4-48), spring retainer (9), spring (10) and baffle ring
(1) Remove input shaft (1, fig. 4-45) by tapping
on threaded end of shaft. Remove retaining ring (2)
(6) Remove retaining ring (12), backing plate (13),
and remove gear (3) from shaft. Press bearing (4) from
six inner discs (14) and outer discs (15).
(7) Remove clutch piston (16), seal ring (17) and
(2) Remove oil seal (5) from front of cover,
seal ring (18).
Remove retaining rings (6) and remove bearing (7) us-
(8) Remove bearing assembly (19) and idler gear
ing proper size sleeve.
(20) from the idler shaft (23).
(3) Remove two screws (8), washers (9), sleeve

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