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Page Title: Transmission Pressure Test
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Install idler gear and shaft:
TM-10-3930-630-34 Truck Lift Fork GED Solid Rubber Tired Wheels 4000 lbs Capacity 100 and 180 Inch Lift Manual
Figure 12-13. Transmission pressure tap port locations.
TM 10-3930-630-34
(4)  Operate  truck  and  transmission  until
(c)  Install retainer (35) and secure with
transmission oil temperature reaches 120 to 140 F.
screws and lock washers (34).
(48.9 to 60.0C).
(d)  Install new packings (36) if they were
b. Pressure Test.
(1)  Remove plug and install a pressure gage
(5)  Install forward gear and shaft:
(O to 300 psi) (O to 2067 kPa) in mainline pressure tap
(a)  Assemble gear (32) on shaft (25) and
secure to shaft with retaining ring (26).
(2)  Place  transmission  control  in  forward
(b)  Install shaft into transmission case
position and operate engine at 600 rpm.  Mainline
and assemble bearing (31) and retaining rings (29 and
pressure must read 45-70 psi (310.2 to 482.6 kPa).
Reading must be a steady value within the pressure
(c)  Install new gasket (28) and retainer
range for all pressure checks.
(27) and secure with screws (22) and lockwashers (23).
(3)  Operate engine at 2000 rpm.  Mainline
(6)  Install new packings (14 and 15) on drum
pressure must read 130 to 150 psi (896.2 kPa).
assembly. Install retainer (11) on the housing. Replace
(4)  Place transmission in neutral and remove
bearing (13), if removed and spacer (12).
pressure gage from mainline pressure tap and install
Secure with screws (9) and lock washers (10). Install
gage in converter charge pressure tap (fig. 12-13).
housing (8) on drum assembly turbine shaft. Use care
(5)  Place  transmission  control  in  forward
so as not to damage collector rings.
position. Operate engine at 600 rpm. Pressure gage
(7)  Attach a hoisting chain to the converter
must read 32 to 65 psi (220.6 to 448.1 kPa).
housing and maneuver housing so that turbine shaft will
(6)  Operate engine at 2000 rpm.  Pressure
be properly engaged as the drum and housing are
gage must read 80 to 105 psi (551.5 to 723.8 kPa).
attached to the transmission case. Install screws (3 and
(7)  Place transmission in neutral position.
4) and lock washers (5) and tighten securely.
Remove pressure gage from converter charge pressure
(8)  Install new gasket.  Align pump index
tap and install gage in forward clutch pressure tap (fig.
marks and install the pump (fig. 12-6) on the turbine
shaft. Secure with mounting screws.
(8)  Place transmission
control in forward
(9)  Position the converter in the pump at the
position. Operate engine at 600 rpm. Pressure gage
back of the transmission, making certain that the
must read 32 to 65 psi (220.6 to 448.1 kPa).
converter hub tangs properly engage the pump.
(9)  Operate engine at 2000 rpm.  Pressure
(10) Refer to paragraph 12-8 and install control
gage must read 80 to 105 psi (551.5 to 723.8 kPa).
valve. Install elbow (2) and connect tube assembly (1)
(10) Place transmission in neutral position.
to control valve and converter housing.
Remove gage from forward clutch pressure tap and
(11) Install oil level gage (68) and plugs (64, 65,
install gage in reverse clutch pressure tap (fig. 12-13).
66 and 67). Install screen (63), spring (62) and pipe
(11) Place  transmission  control  in  forward
plug (61). Install ball (19), spring (18), washer (17), and
position. Operate engine at 600 rpm. Pressure gage
seat (16) in converter housing.
must read 32 to 65 psi (220.6 to 448.1 kPa).
b. Illustration. Refer to paragraph 2-27 and install
(12) Operate engine at 2000 rpm.  Pressure
the transmission.
gage must read 80 to 105 psi (551.5 to 723.8 kPa).
(13) Place transmission in neutral. Shut down
12-13. Transmission Pressure Test
engine. Remove gage from transmission. Install floor
a. Preparation.
and toe plates (TM 10-3930-630-12).
(1)  Refer to TM 10-3930-630-12 and remove
(14) Remove blocking and lower drive wheels
floor and toe plates. Check transmission oil level. Oil
to the floor.
must be at FULL mark on level gage.
c.  Test Results. Check results listed above. If the
(2)  Use a suitable hoist or jacks and raise the
transmission does not operate within the listed pressure
front of the truck until both drive wheels clear the floor.
range, repair or replace transmission as detailed above.
Place blocks under truck to hold in this position.
(3)  Attach a tachometer to accurately record
engine speed.

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