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Page Title: Transmission Removal
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Engine Test - TM-10-3930-630-340025
TM-10-3930-630-34 Truck Lift Fork GED Solid Rubber Tired Wheels 4000 lbs Capacity 100 and 180 Inch Lift Manual
Front Drive Axle Installation
TM 10-3930-630-34
Check marks made on flywheel and flex plate made
2-25. Transmission Removal
during removal to see that they are aligned(l.
d. Secure transmission housing to flywheel
a. Refer to TM 10-3930-630-12 and remove
housing with two screws (1, fig.2-7) and lock washers
operator's seat, seat support, seat deck, floor and toe
Install screws, one on each side, to hold
plates,  transmission oil filter, front screen, battery and
transmission in place.
battery box.
e. Working through timing cover inspection hole
b. Drain oil from transmission and disconnect
in top of flywheel housing, install one screw (5) an, d
transmission cooler lines and oil filter lines from
lock washer (6) at decal and torque to 20 to 23 foot
transmission. Plug lines to prevent entrance of dirt.
pounds (27.1 to 3.1.  N m).
c. Disconnect transmission pressure gage tube
f. Rotate flywheel as necessary and install
(12, fig. 2-7) from transmission.
remaining screws (5) and lock washers (6). Tighten
d. Disconnect wires from neutral start switch in
screws to torque specified in "e," above. Install cover on
transmission control valve.
flywheel housing.
e. Refer to figure 2-3 and disconnect linkage
g. Install remaining transmission mounting
from the transmission.
screws (1) and lock washers (2).
f: Refer to TM 10-3930-630-12 and disconnect
h. Refer to TM 10-3930-630-12 and connect
drive shaft from transmission.
drive shaft to transmission.
g. Remove tinting cover at top of flywheel
i. Refer to figure 2-3 and connect. linkage to
housing as illustrated in figure 2-8.
h. Rotate engine and bring timing decal on
j . Connect wires to neutral start switch on
transmission flex plate in line with timing pointer. Match
transmission control valve.
mark flex plate and engine flywheel.
k. Connect transmission pressure gage tube to
i. Working through timing cover hole in top of
flywheel housing, remove screws (5, fig. 2-7) and lock
l. Remove plugs and connect transmission
washers (6) securing flex plate to engine flywheel.
cooling and oil filter lines to transmission.
j. Install lifting eyes in transmission and attach
m. Refer to TM 10-3930-630-12 and adjust
lifting chain and hoist with a capacity of at least 6,000
transmission linkage, if necessary.
pounds to transmission. Lift transmission to take tension
n. Install front screen, battery box, battery, seat
from mounting bolts.
deck, seat support, operator's seat and floor an(l toe
k. Remove screws (1, fig. 2-7) and lock washers
plates as described in TM 10-3930-630-12.
(2). Carefully lift transmission assembly away from
engine flywheel housing and truck. Place transmission
2-28. Front Drive Axle Removal
on suitable supports and disconnect lifting chains.
Remove shim (9) if necessary and transmission gasket.
a. Refer to TM 10-3930-6:30-12 and remove the
mast assembly.
2-26. Transmission Cleaning and Inspection
b. Disconnect parking brake cable from parking
brake and remove drive shaft and parking like
a. Clean the transmission with cleaning solvent,
c. Disconnect brake hydraulic lines from wheels
(Fed. Spec. P-D-680). Dry thoroughly with compressed
and tee at top of axle housing. Disconnect and remove
lift cylinder hydraulic return line. Remove any clamps
b. Check transmission case for cracks, breaks,
and wires present at drive axle.
or other damage which may cause leakage.
d. Refer to TM 10-3930-630-12 and remove the
tilt cylinder.
2-27. Transmission Installation
e. Remove nuts, screws and washers securing
axle mounting pads to truck frame as illustrated in figure
a. Attach chain and hoist to transmission. Install
shim (9, fig. 2-7) if removed. Install new gasket between
f. Use a hoist with a capacity of at least 6, 000
flywheel housing and transmission.
pounds to raise truck up away from the drive axle. Roll
b. Rotate flex plate to bring timing decal to top
drive axle from beneath truck.
to align with timing pointer in flywheel housing.
Check to see that timing cover (fig. 2-8) is removed
2-29. Front Drive Axle, Cleaning and Inspection
from inspection hole at top of flywheel housing.
c. Lift transmission assembly and carefully lower
a. Clean the drive axle assembly with cleaning
transmission into line with engine flywheel housing.
solvent (Fed. Spec. P-D-680). Dry thoroughly with
compressed air.

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