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Figure 6-11. Steering Gear Removal, Exploded View
TM-10-3930-622-14 Truck Fork Lift; Gasoline Engine Driven; Pneumatic Tires; 6000-lb Capacity; 173-In. Lift Manual
Ball nut assembly.
(4) Disconnect drag link at steering arm (paragraph
(5) Transfer tie wire to end of wire attached to new
bearing assembly. Start bearing into mast jacket and
drive it into place with piloted driver.
(5) Remove screws, nuts and washers holding gear
column to support bracket by clamp (Figure 6-11). Lift
(6) Pull wire through opening in mast jacket and
out gear.
install the cover plate.
(6) To remove steering gear bracket, remove nut
(7) Install the steering shaft upper bearing spring
and washer holding steering arm to shaft, and pull off
seat (with flared end up) and spring.  Install steering
steering arm with a puller. Remove screws, nuts and
wheel and insert horn button, insulator, contact and
washers attaching bracket to gear.
spring assembly in opening provided in steering wheel
hub.  Install contact cup, positioning the tang on the
b. Lash adjustment. The following adjustment refers to
lower side, in the opening provided in the steering wheel
gear adjustment only.  Refer to paragraph 6-25 for
linkage and stop adjustments.
(8) Install steering wheel washer and nut and tighten.
(1) Turn steering wheel from one extreme to the
Install horn button, connect horn wire at mast jacket,
other, noting total number of turns. Position wheel at
and. test operation of horn.
midpoint of travel (wheels straight ahead position).
e. Steering gear disassembly. As with any ball or roller
(2) Loosen lash adjuster locknut, and turn adjusting
bearing unit, the steering gear parts must be kept free of
bolt clockwise while noting lash through steering arm,
dirt. Clean paper or rags should be spread on the bench
until all lash has been taken up.  With pull scale at
before starting disassembly of the steering gear.
steering wheel rim, tighten adjuster further until 2-3/4 to
3-1/4 pounds pull is needed to turn through center
(1) Loosen the locknut (see figure 6-11) on the lash
position. Tighten locknut.
adjuster bolt; then turn the lash adjuster a few turns
counterclockwise.  This will remove the load from the
c. Steering wheel removal and installation.
worm bearings caused by the close meshing of the rack
and sector teeth.
(1) Remove four attaching screws and lift off horn
button assembly.
(2) Loosen the large locknut on the worm beading
thrust adjuster at the lower end of the steering column
(2) Remove steering wheel nut, and pull steering
and turn the thrust adjuster counterclockwise a few turns.
wheel from shaft with a steering wheel puller.
(3) Place a pan under the assembly to catch the
lubricant and remove the screws and washers attaching
the side cover to the housing.
Do not hammer on shaft to free wheel.
(4) Pull the side cover with the gearshaft from the
(3) Remove key from steering shaft.
(4) Install by reversing (1), (2) and (3) above.
d. Mast jacket upper bearing removal and installation.
If sector gear of gearshaft does not clear the
opening in the housing easily, turn the
(1) Disconnect horn wire at connector on outside of
worm shaft by hand until the sector will
mast jacket.
pass through the opening in the housing.
(2) Remove horn button, then remove steering wheel
(5) Place the steering housing in a bench vise and
(c. above).
remove the upper worm bearing.
(3) Remove cover plate from mast jacket. Attach a
piece of tie wire to the end of horn wire which enters the
mast jacket.
Do not clamp the housing too tightly in vise,
as  damage  may  result  from  excessive
(4) Screw puller into top of mast jacket upper
(6) Draw the worm shaft and nut assembly from the
Tightening the center screw in the puller removes the
housing. Lay this assembly flat on the bench, so that the
bearing from the mast jacket.
ball nut will not thread down to either end. Damage will
be done to the ends of the ball guides if the nut is
allowed to rotate until stopped at the end of the worm.

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