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Regulator - TM-10-3930-622-140028
TM-10-3930-622-14 Truck Fork Lift; Gasoline Engine Driven; Pneumatic Tires; 6000-lb Capacity; 173-In. Lift Manual
consisting  of  a  torque  converter  and  hydraulic
wheel cylinder assembly, two brake shoe assemblies
transmission. The torque converter is bolted directly to
and a backing plate.  The individual wheel cylinder
the engine flywheel and is completely enclosed by the
assembly, attached to the backing plate assembly, is
transmission assembly. The transmission assembly is
fitted between the upper ends of the two brake shoe
cooled by hoses from the radiator. The truck has a travel
assemblies  and provides  equal pressure  on  the
control hand lever mounted on the steering column and
individual brake shoes for a smooth braking action.
connected by linkage to the transmission assembly. This
Each brake shoe is attached to the backing plate
lever controls the direction of motion, forward and
assembly by means of an anchor pin which provides the
reverse.  Power is transmitted from the transmission
fixed pivot point for the brake shoe assembly.  Each
assembly to the power axle assembly by a short
brake shoe assembly is equipped with an adjustable
propeller shaft.
eccentric  cam  for  adjusting  the  brake  shoe  to
compensate for lining wear.
b. The transmission uses self-adjusting, cork-faced
clutch disks for smooth forward-reverse shifting and for
e. Parking brake.  The parking brake system is
high torque level output.  Ball and roller bearings are
connected through linkage to a brake drum and shoe
used throughout and all gearing is precision straight spur
assembly mounted in the power  axle assembly.
design.  The control valve is integral in this compact,
Mechanical force is used to press the brake shoes
self-contained unit, as is the input pump.
against the brake drum and prevent the truck from rolling
from the parked position. The manual force is supplied
c.  The clutches are contained in one large,
as the hand brake lever is pulled up.
balanced drum assembly, and the plates drive concentric
shafts. The outer shaft has a gear mounted on it which
is in direct mesh with the output gear on the output shaft.
This transmits forward rotation to the output shaft. The
a. The power axle consists of a differential with its
inner shaft has a gear mounted on it which is in mesh
housing, two axle shafts which transfer power from the
with the output gear through an idler gear.
differential to the final drives at the wheels, and the final
transmits reverse rotation to the output shaft.
drive system which transfers power from the axle shafts
to the wheels which are mounted on tapered roller
d. The main case is of two piece cast construction
bearings. Each shaft has an individual housing which
and the rear half contains a heavy diaphragm midwall
bolts to the differential housing, and holds the differential
which forms one side of a rigid straddle mounted support
positioned in its housing.
for the output gear and shaft. Oil passages run within
the walls of the case and there are no external lines
except for the cooler and safety seat valve.
a. General. The upright assembly consists of four
main assemblies as follows:
a. Service brakes.  The truck uses hydraulically
b. Outer upright assembly.
The outer upright
operated, self-adjusting wheel brakes for slowing and
assembly is a welded one-piece assembly that is
stopping movement of the truck. As power is applied to
mounted to the power axle assembly and tilt cylinders
the brake pedal, the movement is transferred through
and encloses the hoist cylinder and inner upright
linkage to the master brake cylinder. In the master brake
cylinder, the brake pedal movement is applied through a
c.  Inner upright assembly.
The inner upright
piston to a reservoir of brake fluid. This forces brake
assembly is a welded one-piece assembly that is
fluid from the master cylinder into a tube at high
mounted within the outer upright assembly. The hoist
cylinder, mounted in the base of the outer upright
b. The brake fluid, under pressure, is ported
assembly, is secured through the top of the inner upright
through a tube to wheel cylinders in the wheel brake
assembly.  The inner upright assembly is raised or
assemblies. As the pressure is applied, pistons in the
lowered by action of the hoist cylinder. It serves as a
wheel cylinders are forced outward and apply pressure
guide for the lift carriage and supports a latch assembly
against brake shoes inside the wheel brake drums.
which insures the proper lowering sequence.
c.  The wheel brake drums rotate with the wheels,
d. Crosshead assembly. The crosshead assembly
but the brake shoes are rigidly mounted on the backing
is mounted over the hoist cylinder. Chains attached to
plate on the axles. As the shoes are pressed against the
the lift carriage assembly, roll over the crosshead
inside of the brake drums, the brake drums are slowed
assembly and are secured to the hoist cylinder. As the
and stopped.
cylinder  raises,  the  crosshead  assembly  raises,
tightening the chains and raising the lift carriage
d. The service brake assembly, mounted at each
wheel end of the power axle assembly, consists of a

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