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FUEL SYSTEM. - TM-10-3930-622-140027
TM-10-3930-622-14 Truck Fork Lift; Gasoline Engine Driven; Pneumatic Tires; 6000-lb Capacity; 173-In. Lift Manual
BRAKE SYSTEM. - TM-10-3930-622-140029
the engine starts, the pinion turns faster than the
certain conditions, such as a fully discharged battery
threaded sleeve on the armature shaft and is screwed
being in the circuit, it could generate currant at a rate
back out of mesh with the flywheel ring gear.  The
high enough to burn up the armature unless protection
operator controls the starting motor by a button on the
were provided.  The current regulator is a normally
instrument housing.  The control circuit to the starter
closed relay sensitive to armature current flowing through
includes a neutral safety switch which permits operation
a series coil wound on its core. Generator field current is
of the starting motor only when the truck transmission is
carried across the contacts of this relay.  Armature
in neutral.
current flow in excess of a safe value will open the points
to interrupt field current.  Field strength will decrease,
c.  Generator. The generator is a two-brush shunt
reducing output momentarily, and the points will close
wound circuit A type 12-volt dc generator with external
again under spring tension, to complete the field circuit.
current and voltage limiting regulator. The generator is
The regulator will cycle in this way as long as necessary
belt-driven by the engine crankshaft, pivot mounted in a
to protect the armature. In the instance given, eventually
way that provides for adjustment of the drive belt tension
the battery would be recharged, and at a point in
by positioning the generator on its mountings.  The
recharging armature current demand would drop below
generator uses a rotating armature, mounted on
the current regulator setting.  At this time the current
bearings at each end. The armature turns in a magnetic
regulator points would remain closed. Note that this unit
field between two pole shoes to induce a voltage in the
is only a limiter of maximum generator current output.
windings of the armature. The induced voltage in the
armature is made available to the external electrical
(3)  The voltage regulator. In a general way this
system through two carbon brushes, which both ride on
unit compares in design and function with the current
the commutator of the generator and are connected to
regulator described in (2) above, to limit generator
the external system. Since the electrical system is of the
voltage when demand of the system for current is low,
one-wire type, in which the truck frame constitutes one
and generator operating speed is in the normal engine
side (the ground or negative) of the circuit, one brush of
operating speed range.  The voltage regulator is a
the generator is connected to the metal end frame of the
normally closed relay with a shunt coil wound on its core,
generator directly, with no attempt to insulate it.  The
sensitive to generator operating voltage. The contacts of
other brush is insulated from the frame at this point, but
the voltage regulator are in series with the contacts of the
is connected to an external terminal (marked A, for
current regulator and carry field current to complete the
armature) on the frame of the generator. A wire from the
field circuit. Note that if these points open, they break
A terminal of the generator to the A terminal of the
the field circuit just as did the contacts of the current
regulator delivers generator output to the external system
regulator, to drop generator output. As with the current
via the regulator. Armature voltage is applied to the field
regulator, when output (in this case voltage) drops spring
windings by connecting one end of these windings to the
tension closes the points and the cycles as necessary to
insulated brush within the generator. The other end of
limit voltage applied to the system to the preset level.
the field windings are led outside the generator to the F
When armature voltage is lower than the value for which
terminal, which is also insulated from the frame. The
the voltage regulator is set the unit operates in a static
field circuit is completed externally by a wire connecting
state only as a section of the generator field circuit.
the generator and regulator F terminals, then through the
(4)  Maintenance of the units described above
regulator internal units to ground at the regulator base,
consists of adjustment of the various spring tensions
and through the truck frame back to the armature via the
which govern the values at which the units operate
grounded brush.
electrically, checking and adjusting the magnetic air
d. Regulator. The generator regulator incorporates
gaps, and cleaning or replacing the contact points when
three units, each with its own function, as follows:
These procedures are covered at the
appropriate place in this manual.
(1)  The cutout, or reverse current relay. This
unit is a normally open relay, sensitive to generator
e. Battery and cables. A 12-volt, lead-acid battery
voltage to close, which will connect the generator
supplies the electrical power to the fork lift truck electrical
armature circuit to the battery and system positive side
system. The battery, mounted in a tray on the vehicle
when the generator voltage exceeds battery voltage, and
frame assembly, is located on the right side of the
disconnect the generator from the system when, due to
engine, directly adjacent to the generator. Two cables, a
slow speed of the armature, its voltage drops below
positive and negative, are used for battery connections
battery voltage.  This operation permits charging the
and a negative ground strap is fastened directly to the
battery and operating electrical units from generator
voltage, while preventing battery discharge through the
armature windings when there is no voltage in them to
a. The transmission assembly is bolted directly to
oppose battery voltage.
the engine flywheel bellhousing.
The transmission
(2)  The current regulator.
The generator
assembly is a single-speed power operated transmission
design permits an output capacity adequate to meet the
normal electrical needs of the system; however, under

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