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Page Title: Water Pump and Thermostat
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TM-10-3930-621-12 Truck Lift Fork; GED; Solid Rubber Tired Wheels; 4 000 lb Capacity; 180 In Lift (Army Model MHE 209) Manual
Figure 3-23. Water pump and thermostat, exploded view
(2) Install hoses (4 and 10) on radiator and engine
g. Corrosion Inhibitor. Use a corrosion inhibitor
and secure with clamps (3 and 4). Tighten clamps
compound (FSN 6850-281-1989) in coolant system
using water only. Do not use corrosion inhibitor and
(3) Refer to paragraph 3-54 and connect trans-
antifreeze solution in the cooling system. Add eight
mission cooler lines to radiator.
ounces of corrosion inhibitor compound to ten quarts
(4) Refer to figure 3-21 and install radiator grille.
of water.
(5) Close drain valve (12) on radiator and drain
3-38. Water Pump and Thermostat
valve on engine inlet elbow.
a. Removal. Refer to figure 3-23 and remove the
(6) Fill radiator and cooling system (d below ).
thermostat and water pump as follows:
d. Draining and Filling Cooling System.
(1) Drain coolant system (para 3-37) to bring
(1) To drain cooling system, remove radiator cap
coolant level below thermostat housing (1).
(1, fig. 3-22) and open drain valve (12) and drain
(2) Remove two screws (23) and lock washers (24)
valve on engine inlet elbow.
securing housing to water pump. Remove housing
(2) If cooling system is not to be refilled, attach a
and gasket (25).
notice to steering wheel to warn other personnel that
(3) Remove thermostat (2) from top of water
radiator has been drained.
(3) After draining and before refilling, flush
(4) Refer to paragraph 3-39 and remove the fan
radiator (e below) if radiator requires cleaning.
(19) and fan belt (18).
(4) Use soft water only in the cooling system,
(5) Disconnect bypass tube (6) and remove elbow
except in emergency conditions. Add anti-freeze or
(5) from water pump assembly (3).
corrosion inhibitor to water as applicable.
(5) With drain cocks closed, fill cooling system
(6) Remove screw (17) and lock washer (16) and
remove adjusting strap (15) from water pump.
through filler cap opening until coolant level reaches
(7) Remove two screws (14) and lock washers (13)
filler neck. Start engine and allow to idle until ther-
and remove water pump assembly (3) and gasket (4)
mostat opens and allows coolant circulation.
from engine.
(6) Add coolant to bring to proper level.
b. Testing Thermostat. Fill a container with suffi-
e. Cleaning and Flushing.
(1) Use a good grade of commercial flushing
cient water to cover thermostat. Suspend thermostat
in water.
compound. Follow directions provided with com-
(1) Suspend a reliable thermometer in water.
Keep thermometer bulb off bottom of container.
(2) Check radiator for leaks after slushing and
(2) Heat water and stir water to assure even
(3) To pressure flush radiator to clean obstructed
(3) When water reaches a temperature between
radiator tubes, disconnect upper and lower hoses (b
160 F and 165 F, thermostat should start to open.
(4) Connect a pressure water hose to the lower
Thermostat should be completely open at 185 F to
190 F.
radiator connection, using a suitable adapter.
(4) Lift thermostat from container. Thermostat
(5) Plug the upper hose connection on the radia-
should close with a pronounced action after being ex-
tor. Remove the radiator cap.
posed to surrounding air.
Caution: Do not use more than six pounds of
(5) Discard a thermostat that does not pass the
pressure in flushing the radiator. Excess pressure
above test.
may rupture tubes in the radiator or oil cooler.
c. Installation. Refer to figure 3-23 and install the
(6) Turn on water and force water upward
through radiator to loosen foreign material from
thermostat and water pump as follows:
tops of tubes. Material will be flushed out of top of
(1) Install water pump assembly (3) and new
radiator with water.
gasket (4) on engine and secure with two screws (14)
and lock washers (13).
(7) Disconnect water hose and connect hoses to
radiator and engine.
(2) Install adjusting strap (15) and secure with
screw (17) and lock washer (16).
(8) Fill radiator and cooling system and check for
(3) Refer to paragraph 3-39 and install engine
f. Anti-freeze Protection.
fan (19), fan belt (18), and pulley (22) on engine.
(1) Drain any anti-freeze solution from the cool-
(4) Install elbow (5) in water pump assembly
and connect by-pass tube (6) to elbow.
ing system at the end of each cold season and discard.
(5) Install thermostat (2) in top of water pump (3).
(2) Refer to table 2-1 (para 2-1) for anti-freeze
and amounts required for protection.
(6) Install new gasket (25) and thermostat hous-

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