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KEY to fig. 3-30
TM-10-3930-620-34 Truck Lift Fork Solid Rubber Tired Wheels 6000 Capacity 180 Inch Lift Manual
Figure 3-31. Hydraulic pump, exploded view.
packings (14 and 16 on plug. Backup ring is positioned
Tape all openings on control valve to
toward adjusting screw end of plug.
prevent dirt and other foreign matter from entering valve
(7) Install preformed packing on plug and
during installation.
f. Adjustment.
Adjustment is performed after
assemble plug and cap assembly to complete relief
valve. Secure relief valve in inlet housing.
installation, according to paragraph 2-9.
(8) Install plugs and preformed packings on
3-23. Reservoir
tilt plunger section.
a. Removal.  Remove the reservoir according to
(9) Install wiper (45) and preformed packing
(46) on spring end of tilt plunger.
b. Disassembly. (fig. 3-24.) To disassemble the
(10) Position seal plate (44), spring seats (41),
reservoir, remove the level gage (25), filler screen (26),
and plunger spring (43) on tilt plunger and secure using
breather (24), elbow (28), and pipe plug (27).
special screw (42).
c. Inspection and Repair. Inspect the reservoir for
(11) Slide plunger assembly into housing bore
cracks or breaks which could cause leakage.
and coat plunger spring with a light coat of multipurpose
Weld broken or cracked areas.  Inspect the threaded
holes. If threads are damaged, repair them with suitable
(12) Position plunger cap (391 over spring end
pipe or bolt taps. Reservoir should be flushed clean after
of plunger and secure to housing using screws (40).
welding or other repair.
(13) Install preformed packing (46), then wiper
d. Reassembly.
Replace  parts  removed  in
(45) on linkage end of tilt plunger.
subparagraph b.
(14) Secure seal plate (44) to housing using
3-24. Hydraulic Pump
screws (47).
a. Removal.
Remove  the  hydraulic  pump
(15) Install preformed packing (481, poppet
according to paragraph 2-14.
(491, and spring (50) on tilt plunger section housing.
b. Disassembly.
(16) Repeat steps (8) through (14) to assemble
Warning: Use an approved cleaning solvent.
lift plunger section.
(1) Clean exterior of hydraulic pump using an
(17) Repeat steps (8) through (14) to assemble
approved solvent.
side shift plunger section housing.
(2) Secure hydraulic pump in a vise.
(18) Position inlet, side shift, lift, tilt, and outlet
(3) Scribe mark across back plate (17, fig. 3-
sections together.
Insure that preformed packing,
31), body parts (22, 26 and 27), and front plate assembly
poppets, and springs remain in position.
(5) to assure proper reassembly. If the back plate and
Note.  Before connecting sections, insure that
body are rotated 180 degrees, the pump will rotate in the
two 5/16 inch and one 3/8 inch tie rods are properly
opposite direction.
(4) Cover drive gear shaft splines with tape to
Connect control valve sections using tie
protect splines and oil seal during disassembly.
(5) Remove screws from back plate (17) and
Install nuts on each end of the rods.
port adaptor (1). Remove port adaptor and gasket (2)
Torque 3/8 inch nuts 33 foot-pounds and
from body. Separate back plate from slip-fit gear body
5/16 inch nuts 14 foot-pounds.

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