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Figure 3-121. Steering selector valve, disassembly and reassembly (sheet 2 of 2).
TM-10-3930-243-34 Truck Lift Fork Diesel Engine Pneumatic Tired Wheels Rough Terrain 10 000 lb. Capacity 24 Inch Load Center Manual
Figure 3-122. Steering control valve, removal and installation.
( 4 ) Position the cap locator bushing (23) with
3-59. Steering Control Valve
l a r g e outside diameter chamfer up. Place mounting
a. General. The steering control valve is mounted
p l a t e (25) over spool shaft. Install bolts and torque
t o the lower steering column. The steering control
to 250 inch pounds.
v a l v e channels hydraulic pressure to provide power
( 5 ) Place plate (2) on metered end of housing
steering for the fork lift.
( 1 1 ) and place meter gear ring (3) on housing so
b. Removal. Refer to figure 3-122 and remove
that holes align.
t h e steering control valve.
(6) Place the splined end of the drive (1)
within the meter gear star (3) so that the slot at the
Mark the two cap screw holes so that the port will be
control end of drive is in alignment with the valleys
in proper direction when reassembled.
b e t w e e n the meter gear teeth. Push the splined end
c. Disassembly. Refer to figure 3-123 and
of the drive through the gear so that the spline
disassemble steering control valve as follows:
e x t e n d s about one half its length beyond the meter
( 1 ) Clamp unit in vise across mounting plate
gear star and hold it in this position while installing
edge (25) with meter end up and remove 7 cap
into the unit. Note position or direction of cross pin
screws (9) and remove pump drive (1) and pump
(13) within unit. Enter meter gear star into the
assembly (2 thru 8).
meter gear ring and wiggle the parts slowly in
( 2 ) Place clean wood block across vise throat
position so that the drive (1) does not become
t o support spool parts and clamp unit across port
d i s e n g a g e d from the meter gear star (3). Hold the
face with control end up.
plate (2) and meter gear ring (3) in position on the
( 3 ) Remove screws and lift off end cap (25).
housing (11) while the star is being installed.
(4) R e m o v e c a p l o c a t o r b u s h i n g ( 2 3 ) .
Rotate meter gear star slightly to bring the cross
(5) Place housing (11) on solid surface with
slot of the drive (1) into engagement with cross pin
p o r t face down so that it can be held securely and
( 1 3 ) and splined end of the drive will drop against
remove spool-sleeve assembly (12 thru 16) from the
the plate.
1 4 hole end of housing.
(6) Place housing (11) in vise, control end up,
Alignment of the cross slot in the drive
and unscrew check valve seat (19) with 3/16 hex
with valley between the teeth of the
meter gear star determines proper valve
( 7 ) Up end the housing (11) and tap slightly
t i m i n g of the unit. There are 12 teeth on
w i t h butt of hand and remove check ball (20) and
t h e spline and 6 pump teeth on the star.
spring (21).
A l i g n m e n t is exactly right in 6 positions
d. Inspection.
a n d exactly wrong in 6 positions. If the
(1)  Inspect  mating  surfaces  for  obvious
parts slip out of position during this
leakage path, wear, and seal conditions.
part of reassembly, repeat step 6 above
( 2 ) Inspect all moving surfaces to insure that
u n t i l y o u  are  certain
that correct
they have not been scored or abraded by dirt
alignment is obtained.
particles or otherwise disrupted.
( 7 ) Place the spacer (4) in position within the
( 3 ) Insure that all edges of parts for metered
e n d of the meter gear star. If spacer does not drop
section are burr free. Use 600 grit abrasive paper to
f l u s h with gear surface, the drive has not properly
remove burrs and scratches.
engaged the cross pin. Recheck.
e. Reassembly. Refer to figure 3-123 and
(8) Place the meter end cap (8) over the
reassemble steering control valve in reverse order of
a s s e m b l y and install two capscrews, finger tight, to
disassembly as follows:
maintain alignment of parts.
(1) Install spring (21), ball (20) and check
(9) Install all seven cap screws and bring them
seat (19). Torque check seat to 150 inch-pound
gradually and evenly to 150 inch-pounds torque.
torque. Install seal plug (18) and O-ring (17).
f. Installation.
( 2 ) Reassemble spool-sleeve assembly (12 thru
(1) Check condition of the steering column
( 3 ) Install spool assembly so that the splined
(2) Refer to figure 3-122 and install the
e n d of spool enters the 14 hole end of the housing
steering control valve.
(11) first. Bring spool assembly entirely within
h o u s i n g bore until parts are flush at meter end or
14 hold end of housing. Do not pull spool assembly
Rotate the steering shaft while bringing the surfaces
into contact to allow splines to engage.
beyond this point to prevent the cross pin from
dropping into discharge groove of housing, With
(3) Torque capscrews to 280 inch pounds.
spool assembly in this flush position, check for free
r o t a t i o n within housing by turning with light finger
force at the spliced end.

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