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SB 740-97-3900
1. Purpose. This bulletin provides a storage service-
fects of the unit of product, or defectives, classified
according to their seriousness.
lity standard for use in measuring the materiel
(a) Critical. A critical defect is one that judge
tatus of stocks in the custody of supply
ment and experience indicate could result in hazard-
2. Scope. is bulletin applies to all Department of
ous or unsafe conditions for individuals using or
maintaining the product, or for major end items of
the Army CONUS and oversea depots engaged in
units of a product, a defect that could prevent per-
the receipt, storage and issue of MECOM materiel.
formance of their tactical functions. A critical de-
3. Definitions. a. Definitions for the majority of
fective is a unit of product that contains one or more
specialized terms used herein can be found in MIL-
critical defects.
STD-109, Quality Assurance Terms and Definitions.
(b) Major. A major defect is a defect, other
b. Definitions for other specialized terms are as
than critical, that could result in failure, or ma-
terially reduce the usability of the unit of product for
(1) Storage serviceability standard. A written
its intended purpose, or seriously affect the appear-
procedure providing storage methods and stan-
ance when appearance is a major characteristic of
dards and prescribing the necessary requirements
the item. A major defective is a unit of product that
for the surveillance of material in storage.
contains one or more major defects.
(2) Surveillance. A system whereby supplies and
(c) Minor, A minor defect is one that does
equipment are subjected to, but not limited to cyclic,
not materially reduce the usability of the unit of
scheduled and special inspection and continuous
product for its intended purpose, or is a departure
actions to assure that material is maintained in a
from established standards having no significant
ready for issue condition.
bearing on the effective use or operation of the unit,
(3) Visual inspection. An inspection by visual
or affects the appearance in a minor degree when
means to observe the item and/or its packaging and
appearance is a significant characteristic. A minor
packing to detect deficiencies. Visual inspection
defective is a unit of product that contains one or
normally does not require disassembly or testing of
more minor defects.
the item.
4. General. It is the Army's objective to attain and
(4) Technical inspection. An inspection by visual
means including disassembly, measuring (gaging),
maintain a constant materiel readiness status of
performance testing and/or laboratory testing.
supplies and equipment in depot stocks. The scope
of this objective is of such magnitude that only
(5) Stage I corrosion. Discoloration, staining.
No direct visual evidence of pitting, etching or other
general guidelines are provided by Chapter 3, Sec-
surface damage.
tion VIII, TM 743-200-1 for the quality evaluation of
(6) Stage II corrosion.  Loose rust, black or
materiel in the custody of supply and storage ac-
white corrosion accompanied by minor etching and
tivities. This standard supplements TM 743-200-1
pitting of surface. No scale or tight rust.
by providing a systematic procedure for storage sur-
veillance inspection of those items mentioned in
(7) Stage III corrosion. Rust, black or white cor-
rosion accompanied singly or in combination with
paragraph 6 and indicates the limiting degree of
etching, pitting or more extensive surface damage.
deterioration, damage, unsatisfactory storage prac-
Loose or granular condition.
tices and other characteristics acceptable. It also es-
(8) Stage IV corrosion. Rust, black or white
tablishes the basis for identifying material requir-
corrosion progressed to the point where fit, wear,
ing segregation, remedial care and preservation or
function or life of the item has been affected. Pow-
reclassification action. Applicable requirements of
dered or scaly condition, with pits or irregular areas
the standard may be used for performing receipt and
of material removed from the surface of the item.
preshipment quality control inspections.
(9) Defects and Defectiv
5. Comments. Comments and suggestions pertain-
conformance of the unit of
to the Com-
requirements. A defective is
contains one or more defects.
ulevard, St.
defects and defectives is th

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