TM10-3930-660-10 3-7. HYDRAULIC   OIL   SAMPLING   VALVE   -   SERVICE   (Cont.) d. e. f. g. Push  down  or  pull  up  on  the  lever  (3)  to drain  approximately  one  pint  of  oil  prior to  taking  a  sample.  Release  the  lever  (3) to  close  the  valve  (1). Place  a  sample  bottle  under  the  valve opening  (or  hose  if  used)  and  fill  it  to within  1/2”  from  top.  Cap  the  bottle immediately. Install  the  dust  cap  (2)  on  the  hydraulic oil  sampling  valve  (1).  Return  the  oil drained  into  container  during  step  d  to the   hydraulic   reservoir. Check  hydraulic  oil  level  and  add  oil  if necessary.   Refer   to   LO10-3930-660-12. 3-8. AIR   CLEANER   -   SERVICE This   task   covers: Inspecting   the   primary   and   secondary   air   filter   elements.   Cleaning   or   replacing   elements   as necessary. If  NBC  exposure  is  suspected,  all  air filter  media  should  be  handled  by personnel   wearing   protective equipment.   Consult   your   unit   NBC Officer   or   NBC   NCO   for   appropriate handling   or   disposal   instructions. 1.   REMOVE   PRIMARY   AIR   FILTER ELEMENT. a. b. c. Turn   thumbscrew   to   loosen   clamp. Remove   outer   cover. Remove   wing   nut   to   remove   primary   filter element. Use  a  damp  cloth  to  remove  dust  and foreign   material   from   inside   canister. 3-9

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