TM10-3930-660-10 3-6. TRANSMISSION  OIL  SAMPLING  VALVE  -  SERVICE  (Cont.) c. d. e. f. g. Place  a  clean  container  under  the  valve (1)  opening  (or  hose  if  used). Push  down  or  pull  upon  the  lever  (3)  to drain  approximately  one  pint  of  oil  prior to  taking  a  sample.  Release  the  lever  (3) to  close  the  valve  (1). Place  a  sample  bottle  under  the  valve opening  (or  hose  if  used)  and  fill  it  to within  1/2”  from  top.  Cap  the  bottle immediately. Install  the  dust  cap  (2)  on  the transmission   oil   sampling   valve   (1). Return  the  oil  drained  into  container during  step  d. Check  transmission  fluid  level  and  add oil   if   necessary.   Refer   to LO1   0-3930-660-12. 3-7. HYDRAULIC   OIL   SAMPLING   VALVE   -   SERVICE This   task   covers: Obtaining  a  hydraulic  oil  sample  for  the  Army  Oil  Analysis  Program  (AOAP). 1. 2. 3. CLEAN   THE   HYDRAULIC   OIL   SAMPLING VALVE   (l). START   THE   ENGINE,   PARAGRAPH   2-6. BRING  THE  HYDRAULIC  FLUID  TO NORMAL    OPERATING    TEMPERATURE. (SEE   PARA.   2-21   TO   WARM   HYDRAULIC OIL.) OBTAIN   THE   OIL   SAMPLE. a. b. c. 3-8 Remove  the  dust  cap  (2)  on  the  hydraulic oil  sampling  valve  (1). Attach   an   appropriate   size   hose   to   the valve,   if   desired. Place  a  clean  container  under  the  valve (1)  opening  (or  hose  if  used).

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