TM10-3930-660-10 PREVENTIVE   MAINTENANCE   CHECKS   AND   SERVICES B  -  Before D  -  During A-   After Item  To  Be  Inspected Procedure:  Check  for  and  repair, fill  or  adjust  as  necessary TRANSMISSION   OIL   LEVEL With  the  engine  running  and transmission  at  normal  operating temperature,  check  oil  level  on  dipstick Maintain  oil  level  between  the  “ADD” and  the  “FULL”  marks.  Refer  to L010-3930-660-12. Monitor  all  gauges  and  warning lights  during  vehicle  operation. a. b. . c. d. Water   temperature   180°-210°   F. Engine  oil  pressure  30  psi  -80  psi. Transmission   oil   temperature   does not  exceed  250°  F. Battery   voltage   indicator   in   safe zone,   24-28:5   volts. When  operating  in  desert  or  extremely dusty   conditions,   clean   the   Primary Air  Cieaner  Eiement  after  every  4 hours   of   operation. AIR   FILTERS Check  air  cleaner  indicator. W-   Weekly Equipment   Is   Not   Ready/ Available   If: Water  temperature  above 210°  F. Engine  oil  pressure  less than  10  psi. Transmission    oil    temperature exceeds  250°  F. Battery   voltage   indicator not  in  safe  zone. Indicator   shows   fully   red on   gauge. 2-22

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