TM10-3930-660-10 PREVENTIVE   MAINTENANCE   CHECKS   AND   SERVICES B  -  Before D  -  During A-  After I n t e r v a  l Item No. B 10 11 12 13 D A w item  To  Be  Inspected Procedure:  Check  for  and  repair, fill  or  adjust  as  necessary WINDSHIELD   WIPERS a. b. c. Check  the  wipers  for  proper operation. Check  for  missing  or  damaged wiper   blades. Check   windshield   wiper   washer fluid. EXTERIOR  LIGHTS Check  all  lights  for  proper operation. HORN  AND  BACK-UP  AI-ARM With  ignition  switch  in  “on”  position, put  travel  select  lever  in  the  reverse position.  Check  for  back-up alarm  operation. INSTRUMENT   PANEL   AND CONTROLS a.  Inspect  the  instrument  panel  for broken   glass   and   unserviceable gauges. Engine   oil   pressure. b.  Press  lenses  to  test  warning  lights. NOTE Check  Nos.  14,15,  and  16  are performed  with  the  engine  running, prior  to  the  equipment  leaving  the containment  area  or  performing  its intended   mission. W - W e e k ly Equipment   Is   Not   Ready/ Available   If: Wipers   inoperative. Wiper   blades   unserviceable, missing  or  damaged. Back-up   alarm   inoperative. Any  of  the  following  gauges are  unreadable: Water   temperature. Transmission   oil temperature. 2-20

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