B  -  Before Item No. 2 TM1O-393O-66O-1O PREVENTIVE  MAINTENANCE  CHECKS  AND  SERVICES Interval A w D  -  During A  -  After W  -  Weekly Item  To  Be  Inspected Procedure:   Check   for   and   repair, fill  or  adjust  as  necessary c. d. e. f. Inspect   the   boom,   MLRS   fork attachment,  carriage,  and  MLRS lifting  tool  and  stop  tube  for cracked,   bent   or   broken   members. Check   exterior   wiring   and connectors   for   secure   mounting, frayed,   broken   or   burned   wires. Check  the  frame  tilt  stops  for cracks,  bends  or  weld  and  other damage. Check  that  boom  hoses  and electrical   cable   are   snug   against tensioner   and   not   crossed. TIRES,   WHEELS   AND   FLEXIBLE BRAKE   LINES a. b. c. d. Check   tires   for   damage   (i.e., cuts,   gouges,   foreign   matter), obvious   low   tire   pressure. (reference   TM   9-2610-200-24.) Check   tires   for   proper   inflation pressures   (front   tires:   45   psi,   rear tires:  40  psi). Check   wheels   for   damage,   and loose   or   missing   mounting   nuts. Check  flexible  brake  lines  for  signs of  wear,  cuts,  or  damage. Equipment   Is   Not   Ready/ Available   If: Boom   MLRS   fork attachment,   carriage,   or MLRS  lifting  tool  are  bent, cracked,   broken,   or   missing. Wiring   is   frayed,   broken, or   burned. Any   obvious   damage,   cracks or   bend   in   weldment. Hoses  or  cable  are  crossed or   obviously   loose. Obviously   low   tire inflation.  One  or  more tires   unserviceable. Cracks,   loose   or   missing mounting   nuts.   Any   signs   of wear,   cuts,   or   damage. 2-17

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