TM10-3930-660-10 PREVENTIVE   MAINTENANCE   CHECKS   AND   SERVICES B  -  Before D  -  During A-  After Item No. 1 Interval item  To  Be  inspected Procedure:  Check  for  and  repair, fill  or  adjust  as  necessary IMPORTANT PERFORM   WEEKLY   (W)   AS   WELL AS   BEFORE   (B)   OPERATOR’S PMCS   iF: 1. 2. You  are  the  assigned  operator and   have   not   operated   the vehicle  since  the  last  weekly check. You  are  operating  the  vehicle  for the  first  time. Unless   otherwise   specified,   perform all   maintenance   procedures   with   all equipment   lowered   to   the   ground, transmission   in   neutral,   parking   brake applied  and  the  engine  stopped. Failure  to  perform  these  tasks  could cause  personal  injury  or  death. New   vehicle   (break-in)   maintenance is  required  on  the  6KVRRTFL  at  20 hours,  50  hours  and  100  hours.  See para.  2-18  and  contact  Unit Maintenance  to  avoid  early  wear  or damage  to  the  forklift  and  possible voidance  of  the  warranty. EXTERiOR   OF   FORKLiFT a. b. Check  for  oil,  fuel,  coolant  and hydraulic   oil   leaks. Check  the  Cab/Roll  Over  Protective Structure   (ROPS)/Falling   Object Protective  Structure  (FOPS)  and vehicle   frame   for   obvious   damage, cracks,   bends,   and   evidence   of loose   mounting   hardware. W  -  Weekly Equipment   is   Not   Ready/ Available   if: Any  Class  IlI  leaks  are evident. Obvious   damage,   cracks, bends   in   weldments. 2-16

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