TM1  0-3930-660-10 g. Miscellaneous  Controls. Operator  Seat  and  Foot  Pedals. Key 1 2 3 Control or Indicator Starter-Run Control Switch Steer Select Control Horn Button Function Controls current flow from the batteries to the electrical system. In the Off position, the switch disconnects the flow of current between the battery and the electrical system. Also, the switch is used to shut the engine down. Once turned to the Off position, the fuel solenoid on the fuel injection pump is deactivated, stopping the flow of fuel from the pump to the injectors. In the Run position, all controls and indicators are operable; the emergency and steering pumps are activated.  In  the  Start  position,  only  the  engine starting motor is engaged and the fuel solenoid is activated. Allows the operator to control the steering mode: CRAB (left position), 2 WHEEL (center position), and 4 WHEEL (right position). Depress the button to  sound the horn. 2-11

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