TM10-3930-660-10 Key 2 3 Control   or   Indicator Electric   Joystick   Control   - Continued Frame  tIlt  Control f.  Side   Console   Switches   and   Controls. Key 1 2 3 4 Control   or   Indicator Heater    Temperature    Control Heater  Blower  Switch Engine   Primer   Button STE/lCE    Diagnostic Receptacle Function Push  the  button  on  top  of  joystick  down  and  hold while  moving  to  the  left  to  shift  the  left  fork  to  the  left. Move  the  lever  to  the  right  to  shift  the  left  fork  to  the right. Push  the  button  down  and  hold.  Pull  the  lever  back  to shift  the  right  fork  to  the  right.  Push  the  lever  forward to  shift  the  right  fork  to  the  left. To  sideshift  both  left  and  right  forks  to  the  right,  push the  button  down  and  pull  the  lever  to  the  right  rear corner.  Push  the  button  down  and  push  the  lever  to  the left  front  corner  to  sideshift  left.  To  move  the  forks apart,  push  the  button  down  and  pull  the  lever  to  the left  rear  corner.  Push  the  button  down  and  push  lever to  right  front  to  move  forks  together. Controls  tilt  of  the  frame.  Push  the  lever  forward  to  tilt the  vehicle  left.  Pull  the  lever  back  to  tilt  the  vehicle right. Function Controls   the   temperature   inside   cab.   Push   to   decrease temperature.   Pull   to   increase   temperature. A  three  position  switch  controls  the  air  flow  of  the heater.   Blower   is   “off"   in   the   center   position.   Move switch   forward   for   high   (two   blowers   operating)   and backward   for   low   (single   blower   operating). Aid   for   cold   weather   starting.   Push   the   button   to   inject a  measured  amount  of  ether  into  the  engine’s  intake manifold. A   connection   point   for   the   STE/lCE   test equipment. 2-9

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