TM10-3930-660-10 Key 3 4 5 6 Control   or   Indicator Transmission   Oil Temperature   Gauge Fuel   Gauge Voltmeter Hourmeter Function Indicates   the   temperature   of   the   transmission   oil. The  temperature  must  not  exceed    250°  F.  If  the temperature   reaches   250°   For   the   warning   light illuminates,   move   the   transmission   range   select lever  to  NEUTRAL  and  run  the  engine  at  low idle   (between   1,000   and   1,200   rpm).   Within two   or   three   minutes,   the   temperature   should   drop to  normal  values.  If  not,  stop  the  vehicle  and correct   the   problem   before   continuing. Indicates  the  fuel  level  in  the  fuel  tank. Indicates   voltage   of   the   electrical   system.   Normal operating  voltage  is  between  24  and  28.5  volts. Records   the   hours   of   vehicle   operation.   Used   to schedule   periodic   maintenance   procedures. c.     D a s h     L i g h t s     a n d     I n d i c a t o r s . Key I Control or Indicator I Function 1 2 3 4 NOTE To  test  a  bulb  and  circuit,  turn  STARTER-RUN  CONTROL  “on”  and  press the  lens  in.  If  the  light  does  not  illuminate,  then  either  a  new  bulb  is required  or  the  circuit  is  not  functioning  properly. High   Water   Temperature (Engine)   Warning   Light Low   Oil   Pressure   (Engine Warning   Light High    Transmission Temperature   Warning Lateral  Level  Indicator Light Indicates  a  high  temperature  of  the  engine coolant.   Illuminated   whenever   the   temperature exceeds  225°  F. Indicates  low  oil  pressure  of  the  engine. Illuminated   whenever   the   pressure   drops   below   10   psi. Indicates   a   high   temperature   of   the   transmission oil.  Illuminated  whenever  the  temperature  exceeds 250°  F. Indicates  the  angle  of  the  main  frame.  Assists  in maintaining  a  level  attitude  on  sideslope  up  to  9 degrees   (15%   grade). 2-4

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