TM1   0-3930-660-10 1-17.   HYDRAULIC   SYSTEM. HYDRAULIC   OIL   RESERVOIR.   Contains   oil   for   the   entire   hydraulic   system. HYDRAULIC   OIL   FILTER.   Removes   smaller   harmful   particles   from   the   oil   before   the   oil   returns   to   the reservoir. MAIN   CONTROL   VALVE.   Located   on   the   engine   compartment   bulkhead   of   the   main   frame   (near   back of   transmission).   Operated   by   the   hydraulic   joystick   control   valve   to   control:   boom   hoist/lowering   and extend/retract. MLRS   ATTACHMENT   CONTROL   VALVE.   Mounted   on   the   attachment   and   controlled   by   an   electrical joystick.   Controls   the   three   attachment   functions:   hoist/lowering,   fork   tilt,   and   fork   sideshift. FRAME   TILT   VALVE.   Mounted   inside   the   console   located   to   the   right   of   the   operator’s   seat.   Controls the   tilting   of   the   vehicle   frame.   Operated   by   frame   tilt   control   lever. HYDRAULIC   JOYSTICK   CONTROL   VALVE.   Located   on   the   side   console   in   cab.   Controls   the following   boom   functions:   raise,   lower,   extend,   and   retract. DUAL   GEAR   PUMP.   Mounted   to   and   driven   by   the   transmission   to   supply   hydraulic   oil   flow.   This   two section   pump   supplies   hydraulic   fluid   for   the   following   functions:   boom   hoist,   boom   extend,   steering, brakes  and  frame  tilt. PISTON  PUMP.  Mounted   to   and   driven   by   the   transmission.   This   pump   supplies   hydraulic   fluid   for   the following   functions:   attachment   hoist,   fork   tilt   and   shift   control. EMERGENCY   STEERING   PUMP   AND   MOTOR.   Located   in   the   vehicle   frame   forward   of   the transmission.   This   pump   supplies   5   gpm   of   emergency   flow   to   the   steering   system   whenever   the starter-run  control  switch  is  on  and  there  is  a  loss  of  hydraulic  oil  pressure.  The  pump  is  driven  by  an electric   motor. FORK   SIDESHIFT   CYLINDERS.   Two   cylinders   controlled   by   one   joystick   control.   Both   cylinders   can be  operated  at  the  same  time  to  sideshift  forks  left  or  right,  to  move  forks  together  or  apart.  The cylinders   can   also   be   operated   individually. CARRIAGE   TILT   CYLINDERS.   Two   cylinders   controlled   by   the   electric   joystick   control.   Moving   the lever  to  the  right  causes  the  cylinders  to  extend  and  the  fork  tips  to  lower.  Moving  the  lever  to  the  left causes  the  cylinders  to  retract  and  the  fork  tips  to  raise. ATTACHMENT   HOIST   CYLINDER.   This   cylinder   is   controlled   by   the   attachment   hoist   control   joystick. When  the  lever  is  pushed  forward,  the  cylinder  will  retract.  When  the  lever  is  pulled  back,  the  cylinder will   extend   and   raise   the   MLRS   attachment. BOOM   EXTEND   CYLINDER.   This   cylinder   is   controlled   by   the   boom   extend   and   retract   joystick control.   Moving   the   lever   to   the   right   causes   the   cylinder   to   extend   and   increase   the   reach   distance   or the  height  of  the  forks,  depending  on  the  angle  of  the  boom.  Moving  the  lever  to  the  left  causes  the cylinder   to   retract. FRAME  TILT  CYLINDER.   This  cylinder  is  controlled  by  the  frame  tilt  control  joystick.  When  the  lever  is moved  forward,  the  cylinder  extends  and  tilts  the  vehicle  to  the  left.  Pulling  the  lever  back  causes  the cylinder  to  retract  and  tilt  the  frame  to  the  right. 1-11

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