TM10-3930-660-10 3-12.   FUEl/HYDRAULIC   TANK   -   SERVICE This   task   covers: Draining  and  filling  tank  with  fuel.  Draining  and  filling  tank  with  hydraulic  oil. 1.   DRAIN   AND   FILL   FUEL   SIDE   OF   TANK. NOTE Fuel  side  of  fuel/hydraulic  tank  contains  44 gallons  of  fuel  when  full. a. b. c. d. e. Remove  fuel  filler  cap. Place  suitable  drain  pan  under  fuel  drain plug. Remove  fuel  drain  plug  from  tank  and allow  fuel  to  drain  completely. Install  fuel  drain  plug  and  fill  tank  with  fuel. Install  fuel  filler  cap. 2.   DRAIN   AND   FILL   HYDRAULIC   OIL   SIDE   OF TANK. NOTE contains  56.6  gallons  of  oil  when  full. a. b. c. d. e. f. Hydraulic  oil  side  of  fuel/hydraulic  tank g. 3-14 Place  all  hydraulic  cylinders  in  retracted position. Remove  hydraulic  oil  filler  cap. Place  suitable  drain  pan  under  hydraulic oil  drain  plug. Remove  hydraulic  oil  drain  plug  and  allow hydraulic  oil  to  drain  completely. Install  hydraulic  oil  drain  plug. Fill  tank  with  hydraulic  oil  until  oil  level  is visible  in  upper  sight  gauge. Install  hydraulic  oil  filler  cap.

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