TM  10-3930-643-34 BRAKE  TROUBLESHOOTING  AND  MAINTENANCE.  (cont) 8-14. Air Compressor. (Sheet 1 of 13) This task covers: a. Disassembly b. Cleaning/Inspection c. Assembly INITIAL  SETUP Tools Shop  Equipment,  Machine  Shop: Field  Maintenance, Basic, Less Power NSN   3470-00-754-0708 Shop  Equipment,  Machine  Shop: Field  Maintenance, Basic, MAP only NSN   3470-00-919-0068 Tool  Kit,  General  Mechanic’s Automotive NSN   5180-00-177-7033 Micrometer Feeler  gage Piston  ring  compressor Materials/Parts Cleaning  solvent  P-D-680 (App. C, Item 5) Clean cloth (App. C, Item 24) Plastigage (App. C, Item 22) Quick  drying  paint (App. C, Item 6) Casket (4) Preformed  packing Seal  (2) Bushing Bushing (2) Torques Bolts (1) to 18 lb-ft. Bolts (4 and 14) to 15 lb-ft, Two bolts (20) to 8 lb-ft. and 9 lb-ft. EQUIPMENT  CONDITION References Condition   Description TM  10-3930-643-20 Air  Compressor  removed. Go to sheet 2 8-62

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