TM  10-3930-638-24&P 4-2.   ENGINE   MAINTENANCE a. Cylinder Block Assembly. This task covers repair of the cylinder block assembly consisting of: a.  Disassembly c.  Inspection b. Cleaning d.  Reassembly INITIAL SETUP TOOLS EQUIPMENT’   CONDITION Brass  Wire  Probe Paragraph Condition  Description Wire, .020 inch diameter 3-5g Cylinder  head  assembly  removed. Thickness  Gage NSN  5210-00-221-1999 3-5k Oil Dan removed. Steel Straight Edge FSCM 45225 4-2h Timing gear cover removed. P/N CAS-1369A 4-2i Oil  pump  removed. Micrometer, zero to 5 inches 4-2e Flywheel and flywheel housing removed. Industrial Goggles NSN  4240-00-269-7912 4-2c Crankshaft  oil  seal  retainer  removed. Bore Gage, zero to 5 inches 4-2d Crankshaft  and  main  bearings  removed. Plasti  gage 4-2f Pistons and connecting rod removed. No. 1 Common Organiza- NSN  4910-00-754-0654 4-2g Camshaft  and  bearings  removed. tional  Maintenance  Tool  Kit Sleeve, 3-3/16 inches diameter Sleeve, 3/4 inch diameter Sleeve,  1  inch  diameter SPECIAL   TOOLS Clamping Bar Ball Clamping  Disc MATERIALS/PARTS Paint Cleaning  solvent  P-D-680 Clean  cloths Blue Vitriol solution O-rings Oil, No. 30 Dry ice FSCM  10988  P/N  A40682 FSCM  10988  P/N  A28312 FSCM  10988  P/N  A142802 STEP LOCATION ITEM ACTION REMARKS DISASSEMBLY NOTE Remove cylinder sleeves only if inspection indicates removal/ replacement  is  necessary. 1 Cylinder a. Cylinder sleeve (1) a. Identify Number and mark for position in relation block (1 9), to block if sleeves may be reinstalled. top Use paint 4-2        Change  1

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