Quantcast Tilt Cylinder Overhaul
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TM 10-3930-671-24 Tilt Cylinder Overhaul Preparation For Disassembly Overhaul  tilt  cylinder  only  in  a  clean,  dust-free  location, using clean tools and equipment. Dirt or grit will damage the highly-machined surfaces and will result in leakage or premature   failure   of   components.   Cleanliness   of   the hydraulic   circuit   is   extremely   important   to   the   proper operation  and  maintenance  of  the  system.    Be  sure  the work area is clean or equipment failure could result. 1. Before    disassembly,    the    exterior    of    the    tilt cylinder    should  be  carefully  cleaned  to  remove all dirt and grease accumulation. 2. Be sure all hydraulic oil has been removed from the   cylinder.   Stroking   the   piston   rod   will   help force the oil out. 3. Before    starting    disassembly,    the    tilt    cylinder should   be   carefully   examined   to   determine   if there is any evidence of external damage. Disassembly The  tilt  cylinder  assembly  can  be  held  by  clamping  the base end or the barrel in a vise while disassembling.  Be careful not to use excessive force when clamping on the barrel. 1. Loosen and remove the gland retainer. 2. Remove  the  gland  and  seal  assembly  from  tilt cylinder barrel. F-477

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