Quantcast Steering Valve Reassembly (cont) - TM-10-3930-671-24_664
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TM 10-3930-671-24 21. Rotate spool and sleeve assembly until pin is parallel with port face.  Install drive, making sure you engage drive with pin. CAUTION Failure   to   properly   install   may   cause   unit   to   self- steer and cause damage to equipment. NOTE To   ensure   proper   alignment,   mark   spline   end   of drive shaft with line parallel to slot on other end before installing . 22. Install 3" diameter seal in meter (gerotor). METER (GEROTOR) STAR VALLEY F-418 23. With   seal   side   of   meter   toward   spacer   plate, align   star   valleys   on   drive.      Note   the   parallel relationship  of  reference  lines  A,  B,  C  and  D  in figure above. Align bolt holes without disengaging meter from drive.  Be sure star has engaged spline in position shown. 24. Install drive spacer(s), when used, in meter. 25. Install 3" diameter seal in end cap. 26. Install end cap on gerotor and align holes. 27. Install  7  dry  capscrews  in  end  cap.    Retighten screws  to  initial  torque  of  150  lb-in  (17  N•m)  in the sequence shown above. 28. Inspect  the  assembly  to  be  sure  all  parts  have been  installed  and  fasteners  correctly  installed and tightened. (Reprint Courtesy of EATON Company)

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