Quantcast Steering Valve Reassembly (cont) - TM-10-3930-671-24_663
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TM 10-3930-671-24 16. Install   seal   gland   bushing   over   the   spool   end with a twisting motion.  Tap the bushing in place with  a  rubber  hammer.    Make  sure  the  bushing is flush against the bearing race. NOTE On  those  units  which  use  the  Teflon seal,  install  the  Teflon  back-up  ring into the recess cut into the seal gland bushing.    Install  the  Teflon  seal  over the  spool  end,  then  carefully   install the seal gland bushing over the spool end using a rotary motion. Note    that    the    seal    gland    bushing which  is  used  with  the  Teflon  seal  is not    the    same    as    the    seal    gland bushing used with the standard quad-ring     seal.          The     seal     gland bushing  with  the  Teflon  seal  has  an identification  groove  cut  into  the  out diameter of the bushing. The grooved  bushings  can  only  be  used with   the   Teflon   seals   and   the   non- grooved bushings used only with the quad-ring seals. 17. Install  retaining  ring  in  housing.    After  installing ring,  tap  on  ring  or  pry  with  screwdriver  around entire circumference of ring to properly seat ring in groove. 18. Clamp housing in vise, as shown.  Clamp lightly on edges of mounting area.   Do  not  overtighten jaws. CAUTION Clean     the upper surface of the housing  by  wiping  with  the  palm  of clean   hand.      Clean   each   of   the   flat surfaces of the meter section parts in a similar way when ready for reassembly.      Do   not   use   cloth   or paper to clean surfaces. NOTE Check  to  ensure  that  the  spool  and sleeve are flush or slightly  below  the surface of the housing. 19. Install 3" diameter seal in housing. 20. Install  spacer  plate.    Align  bolt  holes  in  spacer plate with tapped holes in housing. F-417

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