Quantcast Installation Steering Column & Valve Reassembly (cont)
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TM 10-3930-671-24 4. Install    (upper)    steering    column    bracket    with steering    column    grommet    fitted    in    place    in bracket over steering column. 5. Align   steering   column   assembly   in   truck   and install  fasteners  mounting  (lower)  steering  gear mounting brackets to cowl.  After final alignment, tighten   to   torque   spec:   180-220   lb-in   (20-25 N•m). 6. Install    fasteners    mounting    (upper)    steering column  bracket  to  cowl.    After  final  alignment, tighten   to   torque   spec:   190-220   lb-in   (20-25 N•m). 7. Assemble directional control linkage. 8. Position directional control lever linkage bracket and     cap     on     steering     column     and     install fasteners. 9. Install (lower) directional control lever to steering gear mounting bracket. 10. Install  parking  brake  lever  assembly  on  (upper) steering column bracket. 11. Inspect  condition  of  O-rings  prior  to  installation. Replace with new O-rings as needed. 12. Check   correct   port   position   of   each   line   and install   the   steering   hydraulic   lines   to   steering gear.  Be sure O-rings are in correct position on fittings  and  that  port  seal  surfaces  and  fittings are  clean.    Tighten  fittings  to  70-80  lb-in  (8-9 N•m) torque. NOTE For convenience, hydraulic lines may be installed after Step 6. 13. Connect the horn wire. F-410

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