Quantcast Installation Steering Column & Valve Reassembly
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TM 10-3930-671-24 8. Remove    fasteners    holding    upper    and    lower steering gear mounting brackets to cowl. 9. Remove   steering   column   and   gear   assembly with brackets. NOTE Perform Steps 10-12 as required after removing steering wheel. 10. Remove  upper  bracket  and  grommet  by  pulling upward and off steering column. 11. Disassemble  and   remove   fasteners   and   lower bracket from steering gear.  Be sure spacers are removed and saved.  Remove lower bracket up- ward off steering column. 12. Disassemble steering gear (control valve) from Installation Steering Column & Valve Reassembly 1. Assemble  steering  gear   (control   valve   unit)   to steering column, as required. 2. Install  lower  and  upper  steering  gear  mounting steering   column,   as   required.      brackets   over steering column. 3. Install spacers between lower bracket and gear, then  install  fasteners.    Tighten  to  70-80  Ib-ft  (8- 10 N•m) in torque. F-409

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