Quantcast Service Brake Adjustment TA18 Transaxle
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TM 10-3930-671-24 Service Brake Adjustment TA18 Transaxle Figure 4.  Service Brake Installation NOTE Prior to performing this service procedure,  it  is  recommended  that  you first: Remove key for safety. Be  sure  transmission  directional  control is  in    NEUTRAL  and  truck  is  prevented from    moving    when    parking    brake    is released 1.    The  service  brakes  on  the  TA18  transaxle  may be  through the backing  adjusted from the inner side through the backing  plate or from the outer side   through   access   openings   in   the   wheel hub/brake drum (later models). 2.    Brake   clearance   is   measured   between   brake shoe      and   drum,   with   brakes   fully   released. Brake  Clearance:    .010-.012  in.    (0.    255-0.304 mm) 3.    Release parking brake NOTE Do  not  overtighten  brakes.    It  is  very difficult   to   release      the   ratchet   wheel pawl   and   back   off   adjustment   of   the brake. Adjustment Thru Backing Plate 1.    Remove the 4 dust plugs in brake backing plate. 2.    Use   a   feeler   (thickness)   gauge   to   check   the clearance between each shoe and drum.  Use a screwdriver   or   equivalent   tool   to   rotate   the adjustor ratchet wheel in the brake. WARNING Some  brake  linings  are  still  made  with asbestos  which  when  inhaled  has  been found  to  be  extremely  dangerous.    Do not   use   compressed   air   to   clean   the brake   shoes   or   other   parts   before   or after  disassembly.    Instead,  wipe  down the assembly and then  the  components with     damp,     disposable     wipers     and immediately discard them safely.  Avoid breathing dust or injury may result. 3.    Use  a  screwdriver  to  push  on  and  release  the ratchet  pawl  when  it  is  necessary  to  back  off adjustment (increase clearance) of the brake. 4.    Carefully adjust clearance between brake shoes and  drum  to  .010-.012  in.    (0.255-0.304  mm) measured at dust plug openings at outer sides of backing plate. 5.    Replace  the  dust  plugs  in  brake  backing  plate when adjustment is completed. F-392

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