Quantcast Starter Reassembly
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TM 10-3930-671-24 Starter Reassembly 1. Reinstall armature assembly in motor housing. 2. Attach  brush  shunt  wires  to  brush  housing.    Be sure  brushes  have  the  proper  shape,  and  full contact with commutator surface. 3. Lubricate    gear    end    of    armature    shaft    with Lubriplate, or equivalent. 4. Install brush cover plate. 5. Install  motor  on  solenoid  housing,  making  sure keyway    is    in    place    and    motor    is    keyed    in location. 6. Secure motor with 2 long screws. 7. Install   solenoid   assembly    taking    care    not    to damage terminal insulators. 8. Lubricate solenoid dampener spring. 9. Be sure contactor ring is in good condition, clean, and free from grease. 10. Install solenoid end cap. 11. Connect wire to terminal on solenoid. 12. Tighten all screws and all nuts to specifications. Testing Conduct   a   no-load   bench   test   prior   to   installation   to ensure proper operation. Refer to Section 6.  12, Starter Motor Troubleshooting. F-315 (F-316 blank)

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