Quantcast SECTION 5 REASSEMBLY (cont) - TM-10-3930-671-24_504
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TM 10-3930-671-24 STEP 23 Compress both sides of the throttle and shutoff shaft and install a new shutoff cam and/or a new throttle shaft retainer clip as needed with the straight inner edge engaging   the   slot.   The   cam   or   clip   should   snap   into position when installed correctly (Figure 5.23). FIGURE 5.23. STEP  24  Assemble  a  new  gasket  to  governor  control cover  and  install  cover  on  pump.  Slip  the  flat  washers and  lock  washers  onto  cover  screws  and  tighten  to  the specified torque (Figure 5.24). FIGURE 5.24. STEP  25  Insert  end  cap  plug  tool  in  the  end  cap  and tighten  to  specified  torque,  using  appropriate  end  cap wrench (Figure 5.25a). FIGURE 5.25a. The standard transfer pump end cap inlet requires a special   inlet   fitting   with   an   0o"   ring   seal   (1/2-20 straight  thread).  Do  not  use  a  tapered  pipe  thread type fitting as this could bottom and result in seizure of  the  head  and  rotor  assembly  and  damage  to  the end cap threads. Assemble  the  end  cap  locking  plate,  seal  and  screw  to the  head  and  tighten  to  the  specified  torque  (Figure  5. 25b). FIGURE 5.25b. F-246

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