Quantcast Cooling Fan Installation
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TM 10-3930-671-24 Cooling Fan Installation Fan Belt 1. Inspect fan belt and pulleys for damage. 2. Fan  belt  must  not  have  any  cracks  or  contact bottom of pulley grooves. 3. Be sure there is no oil on fan belt. 4. If  fan  belt  is  worn,  oily,  or  damaged,  clean  or replace, as necessary. 5. Fan belt adjustment not OK :Adjust, as necessary. Fan Belt Tensioning NOTE Particular attention should be paid to V-belt  tension,  as  slipping  belts  are the cause of many  other  problems  in accessory   drives   as   well   as   in   the cooling system.  Low belt tension can Induce slipping, with resultant excessive belt and pulley wear. A  slipping  belt  will  not  drive  the  alternator  to  full  output, eventually leading to battery discharge problems.  A belt which   has   been   slipping   will   be   glazed   and   cracked. Such a belt should be replaced.  Excessive  belt  tension will  create  an  overload  condition  in  the  alternator  front bearing and in water pump bearings. F-99

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