Quantcast TMD27 (2.7 L) Engine Procedures
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TM 10-3930-671-24 TMD27 (2.7 L) Engine Procedures Refer to Page 4.5-2, General Procedures for Valve Clearance Check and Adjustment. Firing Order: 1-3-4-2 Valve Clearance Settings, Warm: INT .014 in. (0.36 mm) EXH .018 in. (0.46 mm) Reference Section 2.1, Service Specifications. 1. Check  and  adjust  valve  clearance  with  engine warm    and    not    running.    Warm    engine    up    if necessary. 2. Disconnect   the   fuel   shutoff   solenoid.   Remove fuel injectors. 3. By  inspection  of  your  engine,  disassemble  any components    which    must    be    removed    and/or moved   out   of   the   way   before   removing   the rocker cover. 4. Remove    crankcase    oil    filler    cap    with    rocker cover  breather  (PCV)  hose.  Clean  around  valve cover before removing. 5. Remove   the   rocker   cover   bolts   and   washers. Remove rocker cover and gasket. Inspect cover and   gasket   for   damage.   Replace   gasket,   as needed. 6. IMPORTANT   -   Check   and    retighten    cylinder head bolts to correct  torque  specification  before adjustment of tappets. Follow numerical sequence shown above. Hand torque to following specifications: Engine Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Specs (Cold) Bolt Size M10 50-55 lb-ft (68-75 N•m) M12 90-95 lb-ft (122-129 N•m) (Warm) M10 45-50 lb-ft (61-68 N•m) M12 80-85 lb-ft (109-115 N•m) Reference Section 2.1, Service Specifications. 7.    Check   and   adjust   valve   clearances   in   same sequence as engine firing order: 1-3-4-2. 8.    Reassemble valve cover and accessories. 9.    Install    fuel    injectors    using    new    heatshield washers. Tighten injectors to torque specification:   52   Ib-ft   (70   N•m).   Connect   fuel lines. Bleed fuel system. F-81 (F-82 blank)

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