Quantcast Fluid Recommendations
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TM 10-3930-671-24 Fluid Recommendations Fuel: Diesel No. 1-D or No. 2-D (preferred) Distillate, Cetane No. 50 (45 Min) Engine Oil, Single viscosity motor oil per API Service Classification CD-Service Class D. Diesel: SE/CD, SF/CD oil classifications may be used. High detergent oils exceed engine manufacturer warranty requirements. Multi-grade oils used should cover the single grade recommendation for the operating ambient temperature. General Recommendations Ambient Temperature (Average) Viscosity Engine Oil 80° F or above (30° C or above) SAE 40 Viscosity 32° F to 110° F (0° C to 43 ° C) SAE 30 70° F to 0° F (21° C to -17° C) SAE 20W 0° F to -30° F (-17° C to -34° C) SAE 10W Engine Coolant: Use a mixture of 50% water and 50% low-silicate ethylene glycol permanent- type antifreeze containing rust and corrosion inhibitors, only. (Protection level -34° F (-37° C) approximately.) See Cooling System, Section 2.1. Hydraulic Fluid: Clark Specification MS-68 or MS-226 Hydraulic Oil, with antiwear additives, or equivalent. Hydraulic Brake Fluid: Heavy-duty hydraulic brake fluid, SAE J1703b specification; or Type DOT, Grade DOT 3. Transmission Fluid: TA18 Transaxle, AMOCO 1000, Texaco 1893 TDH, or Gulf 303 Clark Part No. 2776236 Lubricant Specifications Motor Oil Upright latches, Control rods, Motor oil per API Service Classification SE, SF, Miscellaneous linkage SE/CD, SF/CD; or MIL-L-2104B; or MIL-L-46152 Multi-Purpose Grease Axle ends, Wheel bearings NLGI Grade No. 1, Lithium soap base grease, with EP additives, CLARK Specification MS-9B and MS-107B, or equivalent Steer Linkage, Upright Mast, Carriage NLGI Grade No. 2, Lithium soap base grease, with EP Rollers, Trunnion Bushings, Tilt additives, CLARK Specification MS-107C, or equivalent. Cylinder Rod Ends, Brake Pedal Shaft Chain Lube Upright lift chains CLARK #886399 Chain and Cable Lube, or equal Dry-Film Lubricant Side shifter, Attachments, Dow Corning Molykote 321 Bonded Lubricant; Graph-O-Kote #22; Molub-Alloy #369 Dry Lube, or equivalent. Battery Service Unsealed batteries Distilled water F-25

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