Quantcast Relay Replacement
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TM 10-3930-671-24 I. Relay Replacement (1) Removal. (a) Disconnect batteries (Para 3-25). (b) Remove instrument panel (Para 3-36). NOTE Tag and mark all wires prior to removal. (c) To remove neutral start relay (1), proceed as follows: 1 Remove four wires (2) from neutral start relay (1). 2 Remove nut (3), screw (4), and neutral start relay (1) from plate (5). NOTE Starter and horn relays are removed in the same manner.  Starter relay is shown. (d) To remove starter relay (6), proceed as follows: 1 Remove nut (7), screw (8), and starter relay (6) from plate (5). 2 Remove connector (9) from starter relay (6). (e) To remove alarm (10), proceed as follows: 1 Remove connector (11) from alarm (10). 2 Twist alarm (10) half left and remove from plate (5). 3-63

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