Quantcast Switch Replacement
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TM 10-3930-671-24 3-22. ELECTRICAL COMPONENT REPLACEMENT. a. Switch Replacement. (1) Removal. (a) Disconnect batteries (Para 3-25). (b) Remove instrument panel (Para 3-36). NOTE Tag and mark all wires prior to removal. (c) To remove ignition switch (1), proceed as follows: 1 Remove two wire connectors (2) from ignition switch (1). 2 Remove nut (3) and ignition switch (1) from instrument panel (4). (d) To remove Fasten Seatbelt light (5), proceed as follows: 1 Remove two wires (6) from light terminals (7). 2 Remove Fasten Seatbelt light (5) from instrument panel (4). 3-47

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