Quantcast MAINTENANCE FORMS, RECORDS, AND REPORTS. - TM-10-3930-669-34_11
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TM 10-3930-669-34 1-2.  MAINTENANCE FORMS, RECORDS, AND REPORTS. Department of the Army forms and procedures used for equipment maintenance will be those prescribed by DA PAM 738- 750, The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) (Maintenance Management UPDATE). 1-3.  DESTRUCTION OF ARMY MATERIAL TO PREVENT ENEMY USE. Command   decision,   according   to   the   tactical   situation,   will   determine   when   the   destruction   of   the   forklift   will   be accomplished.  A destruction plan will be prepared by the using organization unless one has been prepared by a higher authority.    For  general  destruction  procedures  for  this  equipment,  refer  to  TM  750-244-6,  Procedures  for  Destruction  of Tank-Automotive Equipment to Prevent Enemy Use (U.S.  Army Tank-Automotive Command). 1-4.  PREPARATION FOR STORAGE OR SHIPMENT. Refer to Chapter 2, Section VI, of this manual for Preparation for Storage or Shipment. 1-5.  OFFICIAL NOMENCLATURE, NAMES, AND DESIGNATIONS. REFERENCE INFORMATION This listing includes the nomenclature cross-reference list and list of abbreviations used in this manual. NOMENCLATURE CROSS-REFERENCE LIST Common List Official Nomenclature Forklift Truck, Lift, Fork, Clean Burn Diesel, Front/Side Loading, 6,000 LB.  Capacity, Model R60SL-DC NSN 3930-01-378-7497 1-6.  REPORTING EQUIPMENT IMPROVEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS (EIR). If your 6,000 lb forklift needs improvement, let us know.  Send us an EIR.  You, the user, are the only one who can tell us what you don’t like about our equipment.  Let us know why you don’t like the design or performance.  Put it on an SF368 (Product Quality Deficiency Report).  Mail it to us at:  Commander, U S Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, ATTN:  AMSTA-TR-E/MPA, Warren, Michigan 483975000.  A reply will be furnished to you. 1-4

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