Quantcast Figure 1-2.  Truck, Lift, Fork - Right Rear View
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TM 10-3930-669-20 13.  Rear Flood Light 19.  Tow Pin 14.  Taillight 20.  Counterweight 15.  Front Flood Light 20.  Counterweight 16.  Mast Level Indicator 21.  Load Rest 17.  Engine Panel 22.  Exhaust Muffler 18.  Steer Axle 23.  Battery Box Figure 1-2.  Truck, Lift, Fork - Right Rear View 1-1.   SCOPE. a. Type of Manual.  This manual is used for unit maintenance of the Truck, Lift, Fork. b. Model   Number   and   Equipment   Name.      Truck,   Lift,   Fork,   NSN   3930-01-378-7497,   produced   by   Drexel Industries, Inc.  of Pennsylvania, Model R60SL-DC.  (See Figures 1-1 and 1-2.) c. Purpose of Equipment. The Truck, Lift, Fork, hereinafter referred to as the forklift, is designed to operate as a conventional, counterbalanced, front-loading forklift with the additional capability of operating as a side-loading forklift. 1-3

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