Quantcast Section III.  TOOLS AND TEST EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS - TM-10-3930-669-20_1093
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TM 10-3930-669-20 Section III.  TOOLS AND TEST EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS Tool or Test Equipment. Maintenance National/NATO Tool Ref Code. Category NOMENCLATURE Stock Number Number 1 O,F,H TOOL KIT, General Mechanic's: 5180-00-177-7033 SC5180-90- Automotive CL-N26 2 O,F,H SHOP EQUIPMENT, Automotive 4910-00-754-0654 SC4910-95- Maint and Repair: Common No.  1 CL-A74 3 O,F,H SHOP EQUIPMENT, Automotive 4910-00-754-0653 SC4910-95- Maintenance and Repair: Supp.  1 CL-A73 4 F,H SHOP EQUIPMENT, Automotive 4910-00-754-0706 SC4910-95- Maintenance and Repair: Supp.  1 A62 5 F SHOP EQUIPMENT, Automotive 4910-00-754-0705 SC4910-95- Maintenance and Repair: CL-A31 Field Maintenance, Basic 6 F,H SHOP EQUIPMENT, Fuel and 4910-00-754-7791 SC4910-95- Electrical System, Engine: CL-A66 Field Maintenance, Basic 7 F SHOP EQUIPMENT, Fuel and 4910-00-754-0714 SC4910-95- Electrical System, Engine: CL-A01 Field Maintenance, Basic 8 F SHOP EQUIPMENT, Machine Shop 3470-00-754-0708 SC3470-95- CL-A02 9 F Tool Kit, Glass Cutting: Vehicle 4940-00-357-7737 SC 4910-95 CL-18 10 F Shop Welding Set 3433-00-357-6311 SC3433-90- CL-N01 11 O,F,H Pan, drain, 12 qt. 4910-00-287-2944 12 O,F,H Wrench, Torque, 0-60 N(m 5120-01-112-9531 13 O,F,H Retainer, Crankshaft Pulley 030 1107 14 O,F,H System Test Equipment/ 4910-01-222-6589 12259266 Internal Combustion Engine- Reprogrammable (STE/ICE-R) 15 O Square, Combination 5210-00-078-8949 B-18

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