Quantcast Section IV.  REMARKS - TM-10-3930-664-24_880
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TM 10-3930-664-24 Section IV.  REMARKS Reference Code A. Engine Assembly is manufactured to metric and English measure. B. Organizational level service by changing oil and filter. C. STE/ICE Tests. D. Engine    and    transmission    are    removed    as    unit.        Faulty    engine/transmission    is    repaired.        Serviceable engine/transmission remated prior to installation. E. Consists of adjusting valve clearance. F. Valve cover consists of 4 valve covers.  Front cover has provisions for engine oil fill. G. Inspect for leaks. H. Consists of cleaning filter with compressed air. I. Consists of preop inspection for condition. J. Crews adds fuel.  Unit maintenance drains, cleans and refills tank. K. Service consists of adding fluid. L. Actuating cylinder and pedal are one assembly. M. Replace consists of replacing sealed beam unit. N. Replace consists of changing bulb. O. Crew adds oil; unit maintenance drains transmission and refills; replace filter. P. Service brakes are internal to front and rear axles. Q. Steering cylinders are integral to front and rear axles. R. Oversize bearings are available. B-24

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